Our Air Conditioners Save Marriages!

She likes it at 80°F while reading in the family room. He likes it at 70°F. while watching the game in his man cave. They could split the difference and set the thermostat to 75°F – a good compromise, but really neither is happy. This is where we come in to save the day because […]

Rheem Air Conditioner Installation 

After a 10-year hiatus, we are happy to announce Magic Touch Mechanical is once again offering Rheem air conditioner installation!   If you know anything about Magic Touch, you know our motto is, ‘options, not ultimatums’ regarding brands we offer. Unlike most air conditioning companies who offer clients 1 or 2 brands, we offer over ½ dozen air conditioner brands. I am a consumer too and I do […]

Financing a New Air Conditioning System

  Financing a new air conditioning system makes good sense (and cents) even if your current HVAC system is still operating. New A/C & Heating Systems typically have a very high SIR (Savings to Investment Ratio) on home energy modeling reports. SIR is a metric used in the finance world to rank investments by financial […]


#MagicTogether an Initiative to Spread Kindness not Viruses For over 23 years, Magic Touch Mechanical has been blessed by all of the people in our Arizona community. Your support has enabled us to employ and provide life-changing opportunities to young men and women just entering the workforce. It has enabled us to provide air conditioning, […]

Air Conditioner Drain Leaks

  Air conditioner drain leaks are a fairly common service call we get at Magic Touch Mechanical. These calls always ramp up during monsoon when the humidity in our homes is higher than normal. Unfortunately, most people discover their air conditioner drain leaks when water is already coming through their ceiling! The worse news comes […]

Does My AC Unit Need to be Flushed?

    After finding out I owned an air conditioning company, a woman asked me: Does my AC unit need to be flushed? She had received a call that morning from a solicitor telling her they had an “AC Flush Special for $89.”At first, I thought maybe they were referring to flushing out the condensate […]

Humidity, Air Conditioning, and Arizona’s Monsoon Season

Here in Phoenix, we love the temperate winters and seemingly always readily-available sun. And even though summer temperatures climb well into the 100’s, we rest easy knowing that we can crank up the A/C and relax comfortably in our homes. People from all over the world move to Arizona to trade the cold and ice […]

Home Energy Audit – A Good Idea

    Recently I was asked to write a newsletter article for a local community on the subject of Home Energy Audits. I thought our regular subscribers would like to read it as well, so here you go! Getting a Home Energy Audit is a Good Idea for Most Homeowners The word audit conjures up […]

How Do I Choose Between a Ductless and Ducted Heat Pump?

If you are planning to change your HVAC system during the fall, one of the choices you may run into is whether you should go with a standard system that uses ductwork or switch to the increasingly popular ductless mini split heat pump. Usually, this debate comes up when you’re doing renovations to your house that will remove an old set of ducts, giving you the option of either putting in new ducts or bypassing ductwork entirely.