Gas Furnace vs Heat Pump

The Inflation Reduction Act includes a $2,000 tax incentive for homeowners to upgrade their gas furnace with a heat pump. I’m not going to get into the politics of it all because I’m an HVAC Technician, not a politician. In other words, I made my mom proud. That said, this article focuses solely on the […]

Becoming an HVAC Technician

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely considering becoming an HVAC Technician or comparing HVAC to other trade careers. Let me start by welcoming you to our world and letting you know you’re not making a mistake! Becoming an HVAC Technician literally changed the trajectory of my life, and frankly, I’d do it all […]

Best Heat Pumps in 2023

Every year we publish our “best of” lists for air conditioners, heat pumps, air cleaners, etc. Our Best Heat Pumps in 2023 list includes some familiar models that made the 2022 list & some new ones. In this article we are covering only split heat pumps / central air (the most common heat pump type […]

Costco Air Conditioner Install

The pros and cons of a Costco air conditioner install from a couple of industry insiders! In this article we’ll give you an insider look at buying a Lennox AC unit with installation from Costco. We’ll also tell you how buying an air conditioning system from Costco compares to buying one from Home Depot, Lowes, […]

Heat Pump Tax Credit

With the heat pump tax credits available in 2023, homeowners have 2,000 more reasons to consider one for their home. Under provisions included in the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act, you can receive up to a $2,000 federal tax break. We cover what you need to know in this article and provide links to other […]

How Often Should I Get AC Service?

We all know how often our cars need an oil change based on mileage. We also know we can ruin our engine if we let it go too long without doing it. What’s lesser known is how often we should get AC service for our home air conditioning system. Let’s discuss how often you should […]

Heat Pump Defrost Cycle

Understanding the heat pump defrost cycle and how it works is something every heat pump owner should know. This article explains what a heat pump defrost cycle is, how often it occurs, and how long it should last. When you’re familiar with how your heat pump works, you’ll know when it’s operating the way it’s […]

Best Air Conditioning Contractor Award

10 years ago today, we received news that Magic Touch was chosen as the best air conditioning contractor in America! More specifically, we were named the ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) Residential Air Conditioning Contractor of the Year. Although we’ve received many prestigious awards, before & since, winning ACCA’s best air conditioning contractor award […]

What is a White Label Air Conditioner?

If someone asked you what brand air conditioner you had in your home, would you know the answer? What if they asked, “do you own a white label air conditioner?” Even trickier, would you know the answer if someone asked if your air conditioner was “private label”? If you have no idea what a private […]