Why I Love My Lennox Air Conditioner

Do a quick search of my company website www.AirConditioningArizona.com, and you’ll see we install many different air conditioner brands. Read a few of our blogs and you’ll also find I give high marks to different brands and models from each. That said, I’m not playing favorites by writing an article named Why I Love My […]

What Does HVAC Mean?

Recently I attended a business conference where a Google employee spoke about what people search for regarding home air conditioning. I was surprised when she shared one of the top queries was, what does HVAC mean? When I searched it myself, Google suggested – what does HVAC stand for? First things first, let’s answer the question: […]

Checking the Air Conditioner When Buying a Home

Checking the air conditioner when buying a new home, may save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars. For those of us living in the Phoenix, AZ area, AC units aren’t luxury items, they make our homes habitable! However, typically home inspectors do little more than test the temperature coming out of the register […]

Is Air Conditioned Air Escaping Through Your Fireplace?

There’s more to air conditioning efficiency than just SEER ratings. (SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). After all, what good is a high efficiency AC unit if air is escaping through deficiencies in your home! Many air leaks aren’t obvious, and some are overlooked even though they’re hidden in plain sight – like your fireplace. […]