Mitsubishi Ductless and Trane Air Conditioning Join Forces

Mitsubishi Ductless and Trane Air Conditioning Announce Joint Venture Earlier this week, Mitsubishi Electric, manufacturer of USA’s best-selling ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps, and Ingersoll-Rand, mother company of popular air conditioning brands like Trane and American Standard announced a joint venture. Frankly I’m surprised it has taken so long for the major […]

Why Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Just Make More Sense

Allow me to make the case as to why ductless air conditioners aka mini split ac’s, make more sense in most homes than old school central air conditioning systems that utilize ducts to distribute the air. Although this applies in most climates, I can make the case as to why these systems are best in […]

Price vs. Cost of a New AC Unit and Heating System

I know the title of this article, “price vs. cost of a new AC & heating system” is a bit of a conundrum so I’m going to ask you all to bear with me for a moment while I explain. I do however promise to make this worth your time if you are considering purchasing […]