Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace

Last week we posted our review of Modern Flames’ top linear electric fireplace, the Orion Multi. This week we look at its square-shaped counterpart, the Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace.


Linear Fireplaces vs Traditional Fireplaces

If you’re researching electric fireplaces, chances are you’ve seen the two main ‘shape’ categories. Linear is simply another way of describing a rectangular fireplace and traditional describes square shaped fireplaces.

That said, the square shape is about the only thing traditional about these electric fireplaces. Electric fireplace technology has advanced significantly in recent years and the Modern Flames Orion Traditional is one of the most advanced.



modern flames orion traditional electric fireplace in driftwood grey woodtone cabinet at the fire place mesa az



Unmatched Flame Display

Like its linear counterpart, the Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace uses Heliovision technology for its flame display. The results are downright amazing and something you literally must see in person.

The noticeable difference between the linear version and traditional version are quite noticeable side-by-side in our fireplace store in Mesa. The first time I noticed there was a difference in the display was when we added both to our showroom.

Although they both use Heliovision displays, the Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace has a much brighter display. The difference we discovered has to do with the different color glass on both models.

  • The Modern Flames Orion Traditional uses clear glass.
  • The Orion Multi (linear model) uses tinted glass.

Don’t get me wrong, the flame display on the Orion Multi is best-in-class in my opinion. It’s one of my favorite electric fireplaces. However, the clear glass on the Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace creates a brighter flame display when side-by-side.

Orion Traditional Built-In vs Orion Traditional Fireplace Insert

Many people confuse built-in and “factory built” aka “zero clearance” fireplaces and a fireplace insert. In fact, built in fireplaces and fireplace inserts are different products made for specific applications.

Built-In fireplaces are designed to be “built-in” to a wall or space not connected to a site-built masonry chimney. Fireplace inserts are designed for installation inside the cavity of a site-built chimney. I’m oversimplifying matters for the purpose of this article as there are many more important details to know to choose the right product. Always consult and work with an NFI Certified Hearth Design Specialist (like those on our staff) when choosing a new fireplace!

The Modern Flames Orion Traditional is available as both a built-in as well as a fireplace insert. That means no matter what your application calls for, there’s a Modern Flames Orion Traditional to satisfy your needs.


Modern Flames Orion Traditional Display Options

Electric fireplaces provide the ability to instantly change the mood of the room with the touch of the remote button. No matter the mood you’re going for, you’ll certainly be able to create it with the Modern Flames Orion Traditional!

Display Option Highlights

  • 3 Flame Styles – Gas, Wood, & Hybrid
  • Adjustable Flame Speed
  • 6 Flame Color Options
  • Multi-Color Ember Bed
  • Multi-Color Downlighting
  • Multi-Color LED Driftwood Log Set*
  • Multi-Dimensional Flames

*The glowing log sets vary in size depending on which fireplace size you choose. Smaller fireplaces come with 3 logs, medium comes with 5 logs, and the larger units come with 7 logs.

Detailed photo of orion traditional fireplace features


The Modern Flames Traditional Electric Fireplace – Available In 5 Sizes

The Modern Flames is available in five sizes (measured by width). From smallest to largest, you can choose from a 26”, 30”, 36”, 42” and 54” built-in or insert.



We currently have a 42” built-in model and 36” insert on display at our fireplace store, The Fire Place, in Mesa, AZ.

The Modern Flames Traditional 42” built-in was the first of over a dozen electric fireplaces we installed in our showroom. It’s also one of the first you’ll see when you walk in our front door (contact us to schedule an appointment). When we first installed it, several of our administrative staff who hadn’t seen one in person before began to ooh & aah!


Control Options for the Modern Flames Orion Traditional

Keep in mind the Modern Flames Orion Traditional is considered a premium electric fireplace, I’d say it’s a luxury fireplace. As you’d expect in a luxury electric fireplace it can be controlled via Alexa or Google Smart Home devices.

Control options include:

  • WIFI controls using the Modern Flames App
  • Handheld remote control (included)
  • Touch Controls on the face of the fireplace
  • Smart Home Platforms like Alexa & Google Home

Beauty & Style with a Modern Touch 

One thing I can guarantee, there’s nothing blasé about the Modern Flames Orion Traditional! There are plenty of electric fireplaces on the market today that are ‘okay, but nothing special,’ the Orion Traditional isn’t one! This fireplace is a showstopper (quite literally you can’t help but to stop and check it out)!

There’s a reason it’s one of the first electric fireplaces you’ll see when you walk into The Fire Place store. Both the Orion Traditional and Orion Multi (Linear) are installed in our showroom lobby. We want to look at them all day too!


Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace Price

The Orion Traditional is not inexpensive with a starting price of $3,495 MSRP. You get your money’s worth however. You’ll never have buyer’s remorse choosing this model but may if you choose a lesser model because you’ll always think of this one once you see it in person!


See the Modern Flames Orion Traditional at The Fire Place, Mesa, AZ

The Fire Place is a division of Magic Touch Mechanical and our fireplace store in Mesa, AZ. If you’d like to see the Modern Flames Orion Traditional or any of the other many electric fireplaces we have in our design center, contact us to schedule an appointment. 

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