Modern Flames Orion Multi Review

The Modern Flames Orion Multi is the first fireplace you’ll see when you visit our fireplace store in Mesa, AZ. We have over a dozen electric fireplaces on display in our showroom from multiple manufacturers, including other Modern Flames models. There’s something for everyone in our fireplace store, but personally the Modern Flames Orion Multi is one of my favorites. In this review, I break down what I like and dislike about the Orion Multi.



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Modern Flames Orion Multi Install Options

Without doubt, one thing we love about the Modern Flames Orion Multi is the flexible installation options it provides. Every home and commercial space is different, so we’re often searching for which fireplaces will work in a specific space.

The Modern Flames Orion Multi can be installed in several positions each providing a unique look. The Orion Multi install options include:


Front View – Typically recessed into a wall so the front of the fireplace is flush with the wall. It can also be partially recessed or even wall-mounted to suit our client’s taste. When partially recessed, The Modern Flames Orion Multi sits 1-1/2” off the wall.


Left Corner / Right Corner – In some applications, the home or business owner wants to see the “side-view” of the fireplace walking up on it. We often install them this way when they’re located on the end of a wall (rounding a corner). Corner installs add a beautiful design element to the fireplace from two different angles.


Bay (3-sided) – You’ll see a Bay installation when you visit our fireplace store in downtown Mesa, Arizona. *Please contact us to schedule an appointment first. The Modern Flames Orion Multi “bay” install is my personal favorite. When you install the Modern Flames Orion Multi in a bay configuration, you can view the fireplace from the front and both sides.


Studio Suite – A very popular new look, we installed our Modern Flames Orion Multi in a studio suite configuration at our showroom/design center in Mesa, AZ. The studio suite frames the top and bottom of the electric fireplace with an upper and lower mantle. Clients can choose from a few different wood colors, or we can paint them to suit our customer’s style. We chose the Driftwood Grey mantles to compliment our light grey walls, white trim, and grey LVP flooring.



modern flames orion multi installed in studio suite bay configuration

Modern Flames Orion Multi Installed with Studio Suite “Bay”



Available In 5 Sizes

The Modern Flames Orion Multi is a linear electric fireplace, i.e. a modern rectangular shape. Traditional fireplaces (square) are commonly called “traditional,” and rectangular fireplaces are called “linear”.

Linear electric fireplaces are usually advertised by their width (the horizontal measurement along the wall).

This multi-sided fireplace is available in 52”, 60”, 76”, 100” and an unbelievable 120” wide! That’s just over 4’ long, 5’, just over 6’ or 9’ long and a statement-making 10 feet long! When you add a studio suite, you can create an even longer look. The 76” Orion Multi on display at The Fire Place (Magic Touch’s fireplace store in Mesa) is over 7’ long. It makes an impressive statement (to say the least) when you see it in person!


Modern Flames Orion Multi Boasts Incredible Flame Display

Featuring a flame display Modern Flames calls HELIOVISION® technology, the Orion Multi is visually stunning. There’s a reason we chose it as the first one you’ll see when walking into our fireplace showroom in Mesa, AZ. It’s a showstopper!

Neither a picture nor video do the Modern Flames Orion Multi justice, you simply must see it for yourself. While the multi-dimensional flames perfectly mimic the real thing, it’s the vivid display that makes it, “so cool.” I put that in parenthesis because that’s what everyone says when they see their first Modern Flames Orion Multi.


3 Flame Patterns – With the included remote control you can change the flames between a gas fireplace pattern, a wood fireplace pattern, or hybrid (a combination of both).


6 Flame Colors – While yellow is my personal favorite, the Modern Flames Orion Multi can display six flame colors. Color options include, yellow, orange, blue, white, green, and purple.


Adjustable Flame Speed – Another cool (or should I say hot) feature is the ability to adjust the flame speed. From a slow lazy fire to a roaring flame, you can choose the speed that fits your mood.


Adjust Your Ambiance with Lighting and Sound

The Modern Flames Orion Multi is a luxury electric fireplace. As such, it includes all the features you’d expect in a high-end unit. Aside from all the moods you can create by adjusting the flame pattern, color and speed you can fine tune it further!


Multi-Color Downlighting – I can’t emphasize enough how many options you have at your disposal to create the perfect fire space with this model. The adjustable downlighting combined with the flame options really allow you to create your own fireplace look. And like they say on the infomercials … but wait, there’s more!


Multi-Color Ember Bed – Many electric fireplaces on the market today allow you to change the ember bed color. However, not many feature that, plus the downlighting, plus the flame patterns, plus … well the whole package.


Toss in Some Crackling Fireplace Sound – I must admit, when I first heard fireplace manufacturers were adding crackling sounds, I thought, meh. Admittedly the idea of it sounded cheesy to me. However, it grew on me the first time I heard it in a quiet room just faintly in the background. Users can turn the crackling sound off but if you’re like me, you may leave it on after experiencing it.



diagram showing modern flames orion features




4 Ways to Control Your Electric Fireplace


No “very cool” electric fireplace would be cool without being able to control it the modern way! The Modern Flames Orion Multi has “modern” in the name so of course they thought of that. Control your fireplace via:


  • A Handheld Remote Control
  • Wifi Using the Modern Flames App
  • Alexa or Google’s Home Smart Home
  • Built-In Touch Controls


Use With or Without Heat 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of an electric fireplace is the ability to use it with or without heat. The Fire Place by Magic Touch sells, installs, and repairs all types of fireplaces, fire pits and fire features. Without question electric fireplaces are our most requested fireplace product nowadays (more than gas & wood combined).

Of course, the Modern Flames Orion Multi is no exception and provides either 5,000 or 10,000 BTUs of heat via a high-efficiency ceramic heater.


How Much Does It Cost?

The ever looming question, how much does the Orion Multi cost?

I said at the beginning of this article I’d share both my likes and dislikes of the Modern Flames Orion Multi. Frankly, there’s not much to dislike about this electric fireplace. It’s one of my favorite electric fireplaces for all the reasons and features covered in this article. If I had to find something to dislike about it, I guess it would be the price. The MSRP of this model starts at $5,499 for the 52″ model, and goes up to $9,999 for the 120″ model (not including installation).

That said, you get what you pay for and the Modern Flames Orion Multi is in a class of its own when compared to other electric fireplaces. There’s simply no comparison when putting the Modern Flames Orion Multi next to almost any electric fireplace on the market today. Comparing the Orion to some of the cheap stuff being sold online is like comparing a Picasso painting to a child’s stick person colored in crayon!

Installation costs can range significantly since every home and commercial building are different. As electric fireplaces provide electric heat, most require an independent electrical circuit. In some homes and buildings this is easily done, in others much more work may be required. The type of installation; front view, bay, partially recessed, etc. also plays a role in installation costs. Demolition costs (if needed), framing costs, surround and finish materials, etc. are all unique to the property the fireplace is being installed in.

Schedule a quote in the Phoenix, AZ area for electric fireplace installation.


Modern Flames Orion Multi Review Summary

fireplace service phoenix arizonaHaving made a living for over 36 years in the heating industry, I never thought I’d see the day where an electric fireplace was one of my favorite products. Two companies changed my mind on what an electric fireplace could be … Modern Flames & Dimplex.

This fireplace just “hits different” than almost every other linear electric fireplace. It looks luxurious, feels luxurious, and has a cool factor that goes with almost any décor. The Orion is comfortable in a multi-million-dollar mega mansion, a modest home in the burbs, or the middle of a restaurant. It’s one of those products that everyone (and I mean everyone) will notice and comment on.

Having called Arizona home for the last three decades, I love the fact that they’re based right here in Phoenix. I see the owner of the company at industry events regularly and love how passionate and innovative they are. I give the Modern Flames Orion Multi two thumbs up!


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