2023 Best Air Conditioners & Heaters

Every year we publish our picks of the best central air conditioning & heating systems on the market. The 2023 best air conditioners & heating units list shares some of the units that made last year’s list and introduces some new models.   Criteria Used to Choose 2023 Best Air Conditioners & Heating Units  As […]

Goodman AC Unit Review

Rather than focus on one Goodman AC unit model, we review the whole Goodman air conditioner lineup in this article. If you’re trying to decide if a Goodman AC unit is a good choice for your home, let’s find out!     We Promote Many Brands – No Bias Here! First things first, so you […]

Trane vs American Standard, What is the Difference?

    American Standard vs Trane. What is the difference between Trane and American Standard? We hear the same questions time and time again: Is Trane better than American Standard? Is American Standard better than Trane? We get Emails and calls every day from all over the country from people who are researching this exact […]

Desert Wolf Air Conditioning Joins Magic Touch Mechanical

Desert Wolf Air Conditioning Joins Magic Touch Mechanical!   Back in 2012 Aaron Woolf and his wife Deserea formed Desert Wolf Air Conditioning. Seven years later, Magic Touch Mechanical president, Rich Morgan met Aaron and the two immediately hit it off.   “Desert Wolf’s high standards and customer service align with all the values that […]

Air Conditioning Companies Near Me

What You Need to Know When Looking for an Air Conditioning Service Company   In the digital age, we’re all used to searching terms like Air Conditioning Companies Near Me to find a service. I use that example, because it’s a search term we, Magic Touch Mechanical, show up with often. It’s my job to […]