Carrier vs York Heat Pump

Recently an old friend reached out to me asking for my opinion of Carrier vs York air conditioners. His fiancé owns a home in Mexico which currently has a York packaged heat pump that’s not working properly. The air conditioning contractor told them there was a 2-month backorder for the part needed to complete repairs. […]

Gree Flexx Install for Mom

Have you ever wondered what brand heat pump an air conditioning contractor would install in his own mother’s house? After all, it’s for mom – so it better work great, it better be efficient, and it better be reliable! Well, here’s your answer: I chose to install a Gree Flexx heat pump in mom’s house. […]

Hiring a Heat Pump Installer

When hiring a heat pump installer, choosing the right HVAC company is without question the most important decision you’ll make. This article is meant to be a guide to help you choose the best heat pump installer in your area. This advice applies heat pumps, or frankly any air conditioner, heating system, furnace, packaged unit, […]

New AC Unit Sale

You won’t find a better deal on new AC & heating systems! Purchase a new air conditioning & heating system between 5/14/21 – 6/30/2021 and get the best all-inclusive promotional package in town!    Magic Touch Mechanical offers options, not ultimatums! Choose the brand and model that best fits your needs, wants & budget, instead […]

Best Air Conditioning Units

One question I ask applicants applying for a position at Magic Touch is, who makes the best air conditioning units? Some will answer immediately with Lennox, Trane, Amana, Mitsubishi or – fill in the blank. Others tell me the answer they think I want to hear, “they’re all the same, it’s the installation that matters.” […]

Getting the Best New AC Unit Install

  How can you guarantee you’re getting the best new AC unit install? What makes a good AC unit install vs bad installation? If you’re shopping around for a new AC unit, you’ve no doubt read the quality of the installation matters most. Manufacturers and trade associations all agree that proper installation is more important […]