Gree Flexx Install for Mom

Have you ever wondered what brand heat pump an air conditioning contractor would install in his own mother’s house? After all, it’s for mom – so it better work great, it better be efficient, and it better be reliable! Well, here’s your answer: I chose to install a Gree Flexx heat pump in mom’s house. […]

Air Conditioner Efficiency Standards

Regional air conditioner efficiency standards are changing significantly on January 1st, 2023. Navigating these changes has become more difficult in the last decade and the latest changes are the most confusing yet! In this article, we focus on the changes for the Southwest region only to cut through the clutter for Arizonans.   Air Conditioner […]

Don’t Buy a High Efficiency Air Conditioner

You may think it’s strange that an HVAC Contractor is the person saying; don’t buy a high efficiency air conditioner. After 30+ years in the air conditioning & heating business, it feels strange to me too! Stick with me for a few paragraphs and you’ll see why I advise people efficiency shouldn’t be their first […]