Bosch Light Heat Pump NEW 2021

I had to exercise patience for several months before sharing information about the new Bosch Light Heat Pump – the game-changer! Well, the wait is over. Not only can I share why I was excited for the Bosch Light to arrive – we have them in stock!   Bosch Light Heat Pump – Advanced Technology […]

New AC Unit Sale

You won’t find a better deal on new AC & heating systems! Purchase a new air conditioning & heating system between 5/14/21 – 6/30/2021 and get the best all-inclusive promotional package in town!    Magic Touch Mechanical offers options, not ultimatums! Choose the brand and model that best fits your needs, wants & budget, instead […]

Air Conditioning & Heating System Installation

An air conditioning & heating system installation is the 3rd largest purchase many people ever make… after a house & car. With high-end systems touching on $14,000 to $15,000 installed, a new air conditioning & heating system installation can be scary. Even entry-level systems can easily cost $7,000 to $8,000 or more nowadays and recent […]