AC Supercooling: How to Supercool & Should You

Yet again I was inspired to write about today’s topic, AC Supercooling based on people’s questions on Facebook. Technically, supercooling has nothing to do with air conditioning – the industry “borrowed” the word, more precisely, utility companies borrowed it. I also posted a video about AC supercooling on the Magic Touch Mechanical YouTube channel if […]

Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace

Last week we posted our review of Modern Flames’ top linear electric fireplace, the Orion Multi. This week we look at its square-shaped counterpart, the Modern Flames Orion Traditional Electric Fireplace.   Linear Fireplaces vs Traditional Fireplaces If you’re researching electric fireplaces, chances are you’ve seen the two main ‘shape’ categories. Linear is simply another […]

Modern Flames Orion Multi Review

The Modern Flames Orion Multi is the first fireplace you’ll see when you visit our fireplace store in Mesa, AZ. We have over a dozen electric fireplaces on display in our showroom from multiple manufacturers, including other Modern Flames models. There’s something for everyone in our fireplace store, but personally the Modern Flames Orion Multi […]