AC Repair & Second Opinions

    Getting an AC repair second opinion may be the smart thing to do, right? Well, it should be anyway. However, it may create more confusion for the homeowner, in some cases even prompting the need for a 3rdopinion! Recently, I’ve seen two cases where it made matters worse for the most important person […]

Will Radiant Barrier Make My Home Cooler?

  Updated for 2019, this article is about the benefits of radiant barrier installation. The project described herein was completed in 2014. All are welcome to come visit our offices and see and feel the results for yourselves. The radiant barrier was installed in an air conditioned & heated space with no other insulation! It’s […]

Air Conditioning Service – Is Repair Really Necessary?

    You hire an air conditioning service company to come to your home and the service technician recommends expensive repairs. Your first thoughts are; do I trust this guy, is repair really necessary? We’ve all heard the horror stories and not just about air conditioning service companies. Auto mechanics, pool repair companies, dentists, computer […]

Keeping Your Pet Cool During the Summer

Nearly 57 percent of all U.S. households owned a pet at the end of the year 2016. This is according to the 2017-2018 edition of the Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook by the American Veterinary Medical Association. More than 57% of the Magic Touch team have fur babies. In fact, almost all of us do! So, it’s important […]

Does My AC Unit Need to be Flushed?

    After finding out I owned an air conditioning company, a woman asked me: Does my AC unit need to be flushed? She had received a call that morning from a solicitor telling her they had an “AC Flush Special for $89.”At first, I thought maybe they were referring to flushing out the condensate […]