Keeping Your Pet Cool During the Summer

pet cool in heatNearly 57 percent of all U.S. households owned a pet at the end of the year 2016. This is according to the 2017-2018 edition of the Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

More than 57% of the Magic Touch team have fur babies. In fact, almost all of us do! So, it’s important to us that we share what we know about keeping them cool, safe, and healthy.

It’s not just us, we all love our pets and want to make sure they stay comfortable. So, how can we keep our beloved cats and dogs cool during Arizona’s summer season? Here we’ll take a look at a few factors and tips for keeping them cool indoors this summer.

What Temperature Is Best for My Pet in the House?

As humans, we know our standard of what is too cold or hot, but animals cannot express this to us verbally. Some can give us warning signs, and we often see these in dogs. Signs such as excessive panting, laying on the cool floor or drinking a lot of water clue us in. However, we cannot inherently know what their comfort level is. So, what temperature should you set your air conditioning to during the summer in order to keep your pet cool?

Here’s a general rule of thumb: It is suggested that you leave your air conditioning unit no warmer than 78-80 degrees when you’re not home. It’s also noted that if you are too hot indoors, your pet probably is too.

General Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cool

  1. Depending on your pet’s breed and hair length, you may want to give them a haircut at the beginning of the summer.
  2. Getting your air conditioning unit inspected before the summer starts is a great way to make sure that you and your pet are prepared for the summer heat. No one wants their air conditioning to malfunction during summer, especially while you’re out and your pets are still home. While you can easily go somewhere cooler, like a friend’s house or a restaurant, it’s not so easy for your pet. If you’re AC breaks down when you’re not home, it can quickly impact your pet’s well-being. Getting the unit inspected by a professional can prevent unpleasant surprises at the peak of the hot weather.
  3. Make sure outdoor animals are brought inside during the hottest parts of the day. Or give your pet the ability to go in or out by themselves. This may mean installing a pet door. Many pet owners worry that a doggie door will compromise their cooling efficiency. However, there are numerous options that will maintain a strong weather seal and keep the cool air from escaping.
  4. It’s also extremely important in Arizona to keep your pet cool when they’re in a vehicle. Leaving your pet in the car is extremely dangerous in Arizona, even if the air conditioning is running. Animals should never be left alone in a car! A car’s temperature can rise almost 20 degrees in just 10 minutes, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. The longer the pet is left in there, the more dangerous it gets. It’s best to just leave your pet at home and finish your errands when your pet is not with you.

What If I Don’t Have Air Conditioning, I Use an Evap. Cooler? 

Air conditioners have made living in Arizona possible for the masses. However, some people still use alternative options, such as an evaporative cooler. While evaporative coolers are okay a portion of the year, they don’t work well year-round. Just keep that in mind if you’re leaving your pet home during the hottest part of the day. Our tolerance to withstand the heat is higher than many animals.

Those of us with central air conditioning may be tempted to cut back on cooling costs by turning up the thermostat when we’re away. Peak energy rates drive up utility bills during the day so it’s easy to be tempted to raise the temperature.

If you need keep your pet cooler, but can’t afford the additional power costs, there are alternatives. One method is to get them a cooling vest to wear or a mat to lay on. These products are designed to keep your pet cool naturally. You can also make a DIY cooling mat. Simply dampen a towel with cool water, wring it out and lay it on the floor. Just keep in mind that this handy technique will only be effective for a short period of time.

A must in keeping your pet cool during the summer is having plenty of water on hand for them. Pets will drink more often in the heat, so make sure they have plenty of water available. Putting ice cubes in the water helps them cool down even faster too!

Let Magic Touch Mechanical help keep you and your pets comfortable this summer! We’re all pet lovers too and know how important it is to guarantee their comfort. Give us a call today!