My Air Conditioner Is Making a Lot of Noise—Do I Need to Get a New One?

As air conditioning technology advances, newer units run more quietly than ever. This means that when something goes wrong with an AC system, the resulting noise is more noticeable than ever… and more worrying.

A single odd noise from an air conditioner’s cabinets, such as hissing or grinding, can warn that you need to schedule repairs. But what happens when the air conditioner is just general noisy whenever it’s running? You may think that it means the system should be replaced. And sometimes this is case.

Air Conditioner Age

When you’re confronted with an air conditioner that’s causing a terrible racket each time it comes on, you need to first check on the system’s age. An AC that’s over its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan will begin to wear down to the point that it makes more noise than it should. The average air conditioning system can last from 15 to 20 years, so if your home’s AC is within or above this range, it’s definitely time to considering replacing it—probably before summer arrives.

Repair Costs

Let’s say that your air conditioner is not yet at its “retirement age,” but it’s still making too much noise. One of the ways to tell if a replacement is the correct choice is to compare how much it would cost to repair the AC to how much a new system would cost. Is the repair cost more than half the replacement price tag? If so, then the repair is not worth it, and you should arrange for a new air conditioning system.

General performance

Is the noise-making air conditioner also encountering problems in other areas, such as delivering the cooling power necessary for comfort or running at regular energy efficiently? If everything is declining, than the racket from the air conditioner is as good a sign as any that it’s time to stop repairing it and instead call on HVAC technicians to replace it.

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