Will a Heat Pump Work in My Area?

If you’ve found us by typing this question to a search engine, the chances are good that you’re a resident of Phoenix, AZ or one of the surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun. The simple answer to your question is “Absolutely!” Heat pumps are ideal for regions that experience hot summers and mild winters. Although heat pump technology is getting better all the time, making heat pumps more reliable in extremely cold climates, they were always best suited for our type of climate.

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The heat pump dilemma: i.e. why people worry about them in the first place

Why do people often doubt whether a heat pump can do the job or not? The reason is the way a heat pump operates when it’s in heating mode.

When running in cooling mode, a heat pump is basically just like an air conditioner: the chemical refrigerant that moves through the system absorbs heat from the air inside a house, and that cooled air is then blown into the ventilation system (or out of a mini air handler if it’s a ductless system). The heat is then exhausted to the outside.

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But in heating mode the heat pump’s process flips around. The heat that’s released inside the house must come from the outside… and this where people get concerned. “Wait, how can the heat pump draw heat from the outside to warm a house when it’s cold outside?” Yes, it seems strange at first. But this is a basic bit of science: there’s always some heat available in the air, no matter how cold it may seem. The heat pump can access some amount of heat to move inside.

But how hard does a heat pump need to work to actually grab enough heat? This is the dilemma that a heat pump can face in a chilly climate. When the temperature drops below freezing, a heat pump will start draining large amounts of power to absorb sufficient heat for comfort. This power drain can make a heat pump not the best choice in these climates—unless it’s paired with a back-up system like a furnace.

But here in Phoenix, we don’t need to worry about temperatures that will stifle a heat pump: a system can work at high efficiency all through the season. And, of course, when summer comes around, a heat pump performs as a top-notch air conditioning system… and that’s definitely something we appreciate in this part of the country!

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