How to Save Energy at Home during an Arizona Winter

An “Arizona Winter” may sound a bit funny to people from outside of our state. But if you live in the Phoenix, AZ area, you know that we experience some cool nights during the heating season when temperatures drop into the ‘40s and even below freezing on occasion. While may not sound cold to some people, it’s still enough to make an indoor heat necessary, especially to those of us who have become acclimated to warmer weather.

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All homeowners are interested in saving energy, and in Arizona we think about more in the summer than the winter, but we really need to think about reducing energy waste all year long. While we our HVAC units don’t operate as much in the winter, heating systems can hike up utility bills over the season just as an ac unit will because a drafty house allows heat to escape outside.

Homes in colder parts of the country are often better prepared for the chill than ours, but it doesn’t have to be that way! You can count on us to make both your home and heating system into a high-efficiency role model for the rest of your neighborhood! Below are some great energy saving tips you can use to lower your utility bills in both winter and summer.

Arrange for an energy audit: This is the best place to start. We like to say it’s best to inspect, detect, and correct for a truly energy efficient home. An energy audit, sometimes referred to as a home energy assessment, is a professional inspection of a home by a BPI Certified Building Analyst. The Analyst will use testing equipment to locate the places where your home is losing heat and other deficiencies costing you money due to poor energy performance. We have a reputation as the foremost experts in the Phoenix, AZ area, who can assess your home and give you a complete, detailed report on the problems, and how much you can save by correcting them. We’ll also provide you with options to solve these problems and exactly how much it will be so you know what your ROI (return on investment) will be.

It’s easy to schedule an energy audit in Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe, AZ. Simply call or E-mail us and one of our friendly representatives will guide you through the process.

Have your heating system serviced: Regular maintenance for a heater is a requirement every fall, wether you have a heat pump, gas furnace, or electric heating system. It ensures that the heater works at its peak efficiency level and doesn’t cost more to run than it should. Due to safety issues, we don’t recommend anyone attempt to do this maintenance on their own. But you can trust to our NATE Certified HVAC Service Technicians to take care of things for you!

We offer FREE complete heating and air conditioning maintenance to our Comfort Savings Plan Members. Call or Email us today to find out all of the details and benefits of joining the Magic Touch Mechanical Comfort Savings Club!

Have your gas fireplace and fire-pit serviced: Even if you don’t count on your fireplace for heating and just use it for a little added coziness and ambiance, it can be huge source of energy waste in the winter months. All fireplace manufacturers and your gas company recommend having your gas fireplace and fire-pits cleaned, inspected and adjusted every year before use for both safety and efficiency reasons. This is even more necessary in Arizona after our dusty monsoon season which can clog burner ports and damage safety features of your fireplace and flue.

Our highly trained fireplace service technicians will make sure your family and property are safe and your holiday guests can enjoy your fire-pit or fireplace this winter. Call us today to schedule fireplace maintenance and cleaning!

Improve insulation: Misaligned, missing, or insufficient insulation in your attic is another of source of heat energy escaping outside a house during cool weather. And when heat escapes, the heating system has to work longer to replace it. You can find out if you need insulation by calling us. We use thermal image infrared cameras to show you where your insulation is failing or doing its job. We’ll even take care of putting in your new insulation as well! No matter if you have fiberglass insulation, cellulose insulation or batted aka insulation batts, we can handle all of your needs and even assist you in getting cash rebates from SRP or APS.

Magic Touch Mechanical is located in Mesa, AZ and offers different types of insulation for homes from Apache Junction to Sun City West and from Queen Creek to Cave Creek!

Upgrade to an smart thermostat: Something as simple as a new thermostat can make a huge difference for how well your house uses energy. If you still have an older manual or no-frills digital thermostat running your HVAC system, speak to our energy saving experts about an upgrade to a programmable model or better yet, a top-of-the-line smart thermostat. Ask for a demo and we can show you how we take advantage of these savings at our own offices in Mesa!

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