What Air Filter Do I Need for a Superb HVAC System?

The air filter on an HVAC system performs a vital job of protecting the inside cabinet, which contains the furnace and the air conditioner, from suffering damage. This filter must be changed regularly (or cleaned in the case of a permanent filter) to prevent it from clogging up so much that it cuts down on airflow.

Important Note: These air filters aren’t designed to clean your air, however. If that’s what you’re looking for, our air quality experts in Phoenix, AZ are glad to assist you with excellent air filtration systems.

This does bring up the question, “What kind of replacement air filter should I get?” If you’ve gone to a home supply store to look over the filters on sale, you’ll find a wide variety available. How can you tell which one to use?

For professional assistance with filters, make sure to arrange for your annual inspection and tune-up for your furnace in Tempe, AZ by signing up for one of our Maintenance Programs.

Let’s look at some of the options you have for air filters.

Air filters come in a range of prices. Less expensive filters can handle the job, but they often need to be changed more often. And there can be unfortunate consequences for a filter that’s too powerful!

  • Low-cost fiberglass filters: You can usually purchase these filters in packs, where the individual filters come to about $1.98. They’re flat panel filters set in a cardboard frame. You can expect to need to change this filter for a new one every month, since the clogging builds up fast and can lead to too much pressure on the furnace.
  • Fiberglass panel filters: A step up in quality, and not steeper in price, these are often the most popular choice. They won’t affect extremely small particles, but they do the job of protecting the furnace and air conditioner.
  • Pleated polyester filters: Pleated filters resemble the air filters that you see in car engines. The pleats give them greater efficiency without having a negative effect on the airflow.
  • Permanent filters: You won’t need to change this type of filter, only take it out periodically and clean it. But they aren’t as effective as other filters, and they risk the development of bacteria and mold over time—something you definitely don’t want!

You might feel confused about making this choice, but that’s why you have professionals like us around. When you arrange for your regular maintenance for your AC or furnace in Phoenix, AZ, ask your technicians about the right filter choice. All of our technicians can answer any of your questions and see that you have the best protection for your HVAC system.

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