Reasons That a Pool Heat Pump May Be Right for You

If you have a swimming pool for your home in Phoenix, AZ, you can enjoy warm temperatures from it during much of the year thanks to the radiant heat from the sun itself. But a luxury like a pool is something you should enjoy throughout the year, as well as during warm nights when the sun isn’t around to heat up the pool to comfortable levels. With a pool heater installed, you will always have your swimming pool at a relaxing temperature.

There are many choices for pool heaters available, but at Magic Touch we suggest you look into installing a pool heat pump. These devices work the same as the heat pumps used to heat or cool the inside of a house: they remove heat from the ambient air, and then release it in another location—in this case, in the water of your pool.

Why pool heat pumps are a great idea

There are a number of reasons that pool heat pumps are a excellent idea for your home pool:

  • Safety: Heat pumps rely on electrical power to run, not natural gas as is the case with most other types of pool heaters. If you are concerned about the safety of using natural gas for your home, a pool heater is a good alternative.
  • Available anywhere: Because a heat pump runs from electricity, you don’t need to have a natural gas line. You also won’t need to run any new pipes and vents for it to work.
  • Energy efficient: Drawing heat from the air to move it to the water consumes less energy than burning fuel to create heat; this is the same reason that indoor heat pump are such cost-friendly options for home comfort. Because of the warm weather in Phoenix that lasts most of the year, a pool heat pump will have little trouble drawing sufficient heat from the air and using it to heat up the water.
  • Quiet: A pool heat pump works in the same fashion as an air conditioner and makes no more noise than a typical AC.

Call us for pool heat pump installation and other services

Do you want your pool heated every day of the year and through the nights? Then give our pool heat pump professionals a call today. Magic Touch offers full pool heat pump service, including installation, repairs, and maintenance.