Indications that You Need Furnace Repair

Furnace issues, like many home heating issues, are largely progressive in nature. The longer they are left alone, the worse they are likely to get.

This means that the sooner you catch furnace problems, the more damage you can prevent to your system. If you own a furnace, it pays to be able to recognize when it needs repairs. Let’s take a look at some of the indications that you need furnace repair, so that you’ll be able to react to them as quickly as possible.

Odd Noises

Furnaces naturally make a decent bit of noise during operation. However, it doesn’t take long to recognize which noises are part of natural operation and which are indicators of a problem. Grinding noises are an indication that the bearings in your air handler motor are wearing out. If they aren’t replaced as soon as possible, the motor will burn out and require replacement. Booming could be the result of delayed ignition of your burner assembly. Carbon particles commonly collect on the burner assembly and prevent it from igniting when it should. When the burner finally does ignite, it burns through the excess gas all at once. If the assembly isn’t cleaned, the carbon buildup could eventually prevent it from igniting at all.


If your furnace keeps turning itself on and off every few minutes, that means it’s short-cycling. Short-cycling is caused by the system overheating, which activates a safety measure that turns it off to protect it. When the system restarts, it overheats again and gets shut down again. This continues as long as the source of the overheating problem remains unaddressed. Short-cycling is a very big problem, as it can increase the chance of a breakdown and shorten the lifespan of the furnace. If you notice your furnace doing this, you should call a professional immediately.

These aren’t the only symptoms that could indicate that your furnace has a problem. If you suspect that your furnace needs repairs, even if you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to give us a call. Magic Touch offers heating services throughout the Mesa area.