3 Reasons Why You Need Annual Spring Maintenance for Your Air Conditioner

The hot weather in Phoenix, AZ arrives early, so you probably already have your home’s air conditioning system running on a regular basis. Of course, the heaviest heat is yet to come, and right now is when you should arrange to have a professional inspect and tune-up your AC. This annual service is essential for many reasons, and here are three of the big ones:

One: Prevent a surprise breakdown

In a desert city like Phoenix, this is the #1 reason to have annual spring maintenance for an AC. Even a young cooling system that seems outwardly to function fine is at risk of collapsing under the stress of days that can reach 120°F. You don’t want to be scrambling to find emergency repair service on a boiling hot day. Thanks to maintenance, your air conditioner will head into the summer in the best condition possible. Although this cannot ensure the system won’t break down, it significantly lowers the chance it will occur—and that will do wonders for your peace of mind.

Two: Keep electrical bills in check

As an air conditioner wears down from use, it will drain more energy to run. Maintenance slows the aging process and helps the system retain most of its energy efficiency. If you keep up with spring maintenance each year, your air conditioner should only lose around 5% of its efficiency over its entire service life, rather than lose 5% every year.

Three: Extend the system’s lifespan

Speaking of the service life for an air conditioner, you cannot expect your AC to reach its manufacturer’s lifespan estimated without maintenance. If you forgo maintenance entirely, your air conditioner may not even reach half that goal. Replacing an air conditioning system early is a large expense, one that you can avoid thanks to an annual maintenance visit from an HVAC professional.

Are you ready for spring maintenance? Call Magic Touch Mechanical in Phoenix, AZ and ask about our maintenance program. Along with the benefits of maintenance, you’ll also receive priority scheduling and guaranteed service within 24 hours.