Spring Repairs Your Air Conditioning System May Need

The summer heat arrives long before the summer itself does in Phoenix. You probably have already had your air conditioning system running to keep your home cooled down. To make sure that the AC continues to run and is ready for the even more intense heat of the summer, keep a close watch for any warning signs of malfunctions. If you catch faults in your air conditioner during the spring, you will have enough time to schedule repairs before they become worse and before the AC undergoes even greater stress during the summer heat waves.

(And, if you haven’t yet scheduled air conditioning maintenance, do so now. This is essential for the air conditioner’s performance through the summer and it will also locate any hidden repair needs.)

Here are some repairs you may need to have done during spring and how to recognize them:

Cleaning the coils

Dust and grime may have developed over the indoor and outdoor coils of your air conditioning system, which will interfere with heat exchange. Look over the system to see if there is any excessive dirt along the cabinets, or if ice has started to appear on the indoor coils. Do not attempt to clean the coils yourself: professionals must handle this job by detaching the coils and cleaning them in a way that prevents damage.

Replacing broken motors

The motors responsible for running the fans and the compressor can wear down and burn out like any other motor. Listen for strange grinding sounds from the cabinets, or shrieking. These noises usually indicate mechanical trouble with the motors, such as bearings that are wearing down. Professionals can replace seriously damaged motors.

Recharging refrigerant

Refrigerant (a.k.a. “Freon”) is an essential part of the air conditioner’s heat exchange process. It remains at a set “charge” that doesn’t go down during use. However, leaks will let it escape, and this will become a major trouble. If you notice a loss of cooling or hear a hissing sound from the AC, have HVAC technicians find the leaks, seal them, and then recharge the refrigerant to its proper level.

You will go into the summer weather feeling much more confident in your air conditioner if you can have any issues with it fixed now. Don’t delay, since the longer you let repair needs slide, they worse they will become and the more likely your AC will break down.

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