29.95 AC Tuneup APS / SRP Customers

APS / SRP 20-point AC checkup only $29.95 

DEAL EXPIRED 3/15/18. See all current promotions. 

Magic Touch Mechanical is a SRP & APS Certified Contractor and are offering this special pre-season reduced price to all new and existing customers. You save $50.00 off our our regular price of $79.95! We will perform an in-depth inspection and checkup of your AC unit to ensure it’s in tip-top condition.

Your HVAC service technician will complete the following 20-points as part of your air conditioner maintenance / tuneup special:

  • Check thermostat operation and accuracy
  • Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
  • Check and document system air temperature split compared to manufacturer specifications
  • Check and document superheat and sub-cool compared to manufacturer specifications
  • Check and document refrigerant operating pressures
  • Inspect electrical disconnect for safety and proper operation
  • Inspect wiring and tighten electrical connections as needed
  • Inspect contactors, relays, and circuit boards for proper operation and condition
  • Check capacitors and start components that aid/protect critical components
  • Inspect and test safety switches and devices for proper operation and make sure you are ready for the hot summer months
  • Check voltage and amperage of all motors and compressor(s) compared to manufacturer specifications
  • Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt build up to make sure your system can run efficiently and the air you are breathing is safe
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts (as required)
  • Inspect belt and adjust tension (as required)
  • Inspect condensate pan and flush the drain line (if cleaning is required, then contractor will provide a quote if additional charges apply)
  • Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer of condition
  • Inspect indoor coil and advise customer of condition (only if accessible and won’t disturb any seal on the cabinet)
  • Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels
  • Explain and document all necessary repairs
  • Run and test system

Note: Inspections for other types of systems will vary.

Magic Touch Mechanical has been providing AC Tune-Up services to the entire Phoenix, AZ Metropolitan area for over 20-years. Our regular book price for this AC service is $79.95 for homeowners living in Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix and surrounding cities. We are so confident, we will earn your trust and business for life, we are offering this special offer for a limited time so you can get to know us!

Already a Magic Touch Air Conditioning client? This is not one of those “first time customer only” promotions some of our competitors advertise! We want to say thanks by offering this same great offer to you as well, and give everyone the opportunity to SAVE $50.00 off of our regularly published price.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

This offer will be gone before long. AC companies in Phoenix get extremely bust right before the heat arrives when everyone starts remembering that summer comes every year! Contact us today to schedule your $29.95 AC Tune-up Special!

DEAL EXPIRED 3/15/18. See all current promotions.