Is the “Hot Room” in My House an AC Problem? Or Something Else?

When the heat ramps up in Phoenix, it means business. Unless you’ve got a working air conditioning system in your home, you’ll be dealing with conditions that are… well, unbearable really isn’t an exaggeration, is it? Not when the outdoor thermometers are registering heat above 110°F!

But what if your home is relaxing with cool temperatures from the AC, and you discover one particular room that’s far hotter than the rest? Is the problem coming from something wrong with the air conditioner, or is there some other problem that’s creating this “hot room” in the house?

The answer is that it could be either. Let’s take a look at what might be going on.

Possible HVAC and air conditioning issues

  • Short-cycling air conditioner: This is when the air conditioner doesn’t stay on long enough to complete its full cooling cycle. Rooms closer to the AC will still receive cooling, but the system isn’t running for enough time to distribute heat evenly, leaving one or more rooms too hot. If the hot room is far from where your AC is located, this might be the trouble. Short-cycling can happen because of a clogged air filter, loss of refrigerant, a malfunctioning thermostat, or other problems that you’ll need our AC repair experts to figure out and fix.
  • Leaks in the ducts: If there are leaks in the section of ductwork leading to the hot room, the loss of cool air before it reaches the room can account for temperature difference. Our team can handle seal the ducts to fix this.

Heat leaks in the room

The room might be extra hot because there are heat leaks that are permitting the outdoor heat to get through and overpower the air conditioning. There could be air leaks around the windows or inadequate insulation in the walls. Radiant heat from the sun might be heating up the windows and walls and sending heat waves inside. Our home performance specialists can solve these troubles thanks to our home performance services like new insulation, solar sunscreens, and radiant barriers.

When you’ve got a hot room in your house this summer, just call Magic Touch Mechanical for services in Glendale, AZ that will find the problem and fix it.