Air Conditioning Repair Companies in Phoenix

Mesa, AZ based air conditioning repair company, Magic Touch Mechanical is in the news again!

Recently, Magic Touch president, Rich Morgan, sat down with the Arizona Tribune alongside a few other Phoenix contractors to discuss the record-breaking heat the summer of 2016 has reigned down on Valley residents so far and what that has meant for business this year.

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“It probably wont come as a shock to anyone that AC repair in Phoenix is big business in the summer time” said Morgan, “What is a surprise is that after nearly twenty years in business in Arizona, this is by far the busiest we’ve ever seen it!”

Morgan attributes a lot of the air conditioner repair and replacement calls to “pent up demand”. “Arizona was one of the hardest hit states in the country during the recession and a lot of homeowners chose to keep repairing older AC units that were due for replacement based on their age.” he said. “Now some of those units are twenty years old and combined with constant temperatures of 110 degrees plus, they are breaking down.”

Failing AC components alone are not the only reason HVAC contractors are seeing a high volume of business this year. Another reason has to do with aging housing stock, according to Morgan. “Many areas of Phoenix and surrounding cities are coming of age.” “Twenty years of gravity working on compressing attic insulation levels, the cable guy and others moving insulation as they crawl through the attic, etc. mean some of these homes are not as efficient as they were when they were built. This means the air conditioner has to run longer to keep the house cool.”

Magic Touch Mechanical conducts home energy audits to identify these problems. “The answer is not a bigger air conditioner, the right way to do things is to find the source of the efficiency issues and correct them. We have a little saying for what we do; Inspect. Detect. Correct.”

If you need an award winning AC Company to repair your unit, or are thinking you need a whole new air conditioning system, give Magic Touch Mechanical a call today!