Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i / American Standard Platinum 20

Compare the Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i / American Standard Platinum 20

In today’s product comparison we do a side by side comparison of the Lennox XC25 vs Trane XV20i air conditioners. NOTE: For all intents and purposes the American Standard Platinum 20 is the same as the Trane. (See Trane vs American Standard)

It is important to point out that there are slight differences between the “straight” air conditioner models and heat pump models. For example, the Lennox Heat Pump model is actually the Lennox XP25 (P=heat pump, C=cooling). Any slight variations in sound ratings, efficiency, etc., may be a result of heat pump vs. air conditioner.

Both the Lennox and Trane / American Standard represent the manufacturers’ top-of-the-line and most efficient air conditioners. Both will more than likely have a similar price installed, assuming the rest of the installation is “apples to apples”.

Full disclosure, Magic Touch Mechanical recommends and installs both of these products so there is no favoritism here. Any opinions expressed in this article are just that…opinions! All information listed is current as of 06/23/2017 (latest update).


Trane also manufactured under the brand name American Standard, and Lennox are recognized leaders in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Industry). Both are considered by most Air Conditioning Contractors as well designed, well built, and reliable brands.


The Lennox XC25, Trane XV20i and American Standard Platinum 20 all come with an “out of the box’ warranty of: 10-Years Limited Parts Warranty including Coils and Compressors. Note: 12-Year compressor warranty available on some American Standard and Trane models.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) RATINGS

Note: The higher the number the more efficient it is. Final SEER rating dependent on tonnage and what furnace and indoor evaporative cooler it is matched with.

Lennox XC 25 – up to 26 SEER

Trane XV20i – up to 22 SEER

American Standard Platinum 20 – up to 22 SEER


Note: The lower the number the quieter it is. It’s important to note the published numbers are measured at the lowest speeds i.e. at their quietest setting. That said, having heard all of them running at their highest speeds, it is fair to say all of them are VERY, VERY quiet!

Lennox XC 25 – as low as 59dB  (LISTEN TO A RUNNING LENNOX XC25 – YES IT’S RUNNING!)

Trane XV20i – as low as 54dB

American Standard Platinum 20 – as low as 54dB


Lennox XC 25 – YES

Trane XV20i – NO

American Standard Platinum 20 – NO


Lennox XC 25 – YES

Trane XV20i – YES

American Standard Platinum 20 – YES

You can read more about the differences in compressor types and what that means to you regarding comfort and energy savings in our article: Variable Speed Air Conditioner vs Two Speed vs Single Stage


Lennox XC25 

lennox xc25

  • Highest efficiency air conditioner and heat pump available on the market today
  • Whisper quiet
  • Lennox is known for being very selective when choosing what air conditioning contractors can sell their products, meaning more than likely the installing contractor will be very reputable (always do your own vetting!)



Trane XV20i and American Standard Platinum 20 

trane xv20

  • Quietest air conditioner and heat pump available on the market today
  • Impressive efficiency numbers (approximately 8% less efficient than the Lennox XC25)
  • High satisfaction ratings from current owners







Lennox XC25

  • High upfront costs (as compared to less feature-rich Lennox models)
  • High tech requires a high level HVAC Technician for service
  • Many proprietary components

Trane XV20i and American Standard Platinum 20

  • High upfront costs (as compared to less feature-rich Trane and American Standard models)
  • Less impressive efficiency than competitive models in the same price range
  • Not very selective about who installs their product in some areas of the country (installation quality is more important than the equipment itself)



When considering variable speed compressors it’s important to understand the range of speeds the compressor is capable of. The Lennox XC25 and XP25 compressor can operate as low as 35% of it’s total capacity, whereas the Trane XV20i has a little more range and can operate as low ass 30% of its total capacity. The Trane also adjusts in smaller increments than the Lennox, meaning within that range the Trane unit has more speeds.

While this is not a difference a homeowner can feel, the Trane compressor does have the advantage over the Lennox compressor side-by-side, and since this is a Trane vs. Lennox comparison it’s worth noting that Trane takes the prize on compressor capability.



Both Lennox and Trane / American Standard owners report high satisfaction ratings (this is also the feedback we get from Magic Touch Mechanical clients). Both offer exceptional long-term reliability, quiet operation, and well thought out design and serviceability.

In our opinion the clear WINNER is the Lennox XP25 for offering more bang for the buck. The Lennox has higher efficiency ratings, and has been on the market for several years longer.

That said, the Trane unit is no slouch! It is the quieter than the Lennox unit – however both are virtually silent, so if quiet is very important to you, both will satisfy that desire. The Trane also has the advantage of having a compressor that has significantly more range of speeds when not operating at full capacity.

Frankly, neither will disappoint the end user, and this is a fairly even fight between two heavyweights! The slight edge only goes to Lennox in our opinion only because the installed price is lower than the Trane (in the Phoenix market) and can achieve higher efficiency ratings than the Trane. It was a close call but all things considered, in our opinion the Lennox is still a better value (more efficient & lower installed cost).

Magic Touch Mechanical provides air conditioner install services to the entire Phoenix, AZ Metropolitan area. If you would like to schedule a free in-home estimate for the American Standard or Lennox models discussed in this article or any other model or brand, give us a call today!