Trane XL16c – American Standard Platinum 14 vs Lennox LRP14 – Comparison Shoot-Out

Rooftop Package Heat Pump Shoot-Out

Today we match up Lennox vs American Standard / Trane, in a rooftop package unit comparison. If you live in Phoenix, AZ or elsewhere in the Southwest, you may have a rooftop air conditioner, gas-pack, or heat pump. In other parts of the country this may not be relevant to you as package rooftop units are more prevalent in the west.

As we delineate in all of our air conditioner comparisons, let’s start by reiterating that Magic Touch Mechanical, Mesa, AZ., sells and installs both of these brands and have for years so rest assured we remain unbiased. Both Lennox and American Standard (also sold as Trane) are proven performers.

It’s also worth mentioning that American Standard / Trane has the advantage right out of the gate when it comes to package rooftop units. The top-of-the-line American Standard and Trane units are equipped with a two-stage compressor, while the top-of the-line Lennox is only a standard single stage compressor.

UPDATE: 2/1/17 – The new Lennox LRP16HP Package Heat Pump is now available. Read more here.

That said let’s start with the model that Lennox can’t compete with since they don’t offer a product with the same technology:

Trane XL16c / American Standard Platinum 16

Typical Installation Costs: $$$$ (pricey)

What sets this model apart from the rest of the pack is it’s two stage compressor also referred to as a two speed compressor. For more information about two stage compressors read our article titled, “Variable Speed Air Conditioner vs. Two-Stage vs Single Speed”.

In a nutshell, a two stage air conditioner has a low and a high speed. The XL16c and Platinum16 will run most of the cooling season at 70% of their total capacity (BTUh commonly referred to in tons or “tonnage”). In extreme weather the unit compressor will utilize the full 100% of its capability.

The other standout feature of this model is its Vortica™ Variable Speed blower motor (an air conditioner blower motor is commonly called the indoor motor). Variable speed motors are the most efficient type of motor as well as being quieter, and offer better humidity control and air quality control than a standard “PSC” or shaded pole motor.

Platinum 16

Trane XL14c / American Standard Gold 14 vs. Lennox LRP14

When comparing the mid-line Lennox package unit to the Trane and American Standard package unit, it becomes a tighter match. Both units are equipped with virtually the same technology (including some of the same components) and both have similar efficiency ratings and warranty. Let’s have a look:

Typical Installation Costs

Trane XL14c – $$$

American Standard Gold 14 – $$$

Lennox LRP14 – $$



Trane XC14c – up to 14.25 SEER

American Standard Gold 14 – up to 14.25 SEER

Lennox LRP14 – up to 14 SEER

WINNER: Trane and American Standard (but only by a hair, the difference in energy savings is marginal)



All of the Lennox and Trane models in this article include a 10-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty on functional parts, coils and compressors when registered, Gas-Pack’s come with a limited 20-Year heat exchanger warranty. At Magic Touch Mechanical, we register all products on behalf of our clients because we know it can be easy to forget. If you live outside of the Phoenix area, make sure the air conditioning company you choose to install your rooftop unit does the same and if not make sure to submit the registration yourself…if not you could lose ½ your warranty! Unregistered units get a five-year warranty.




It can be difficult to locate sound ratings on package rooftop units since they are typically installed on a roof, manufacturers don’t seem to pay as much attention to this as they do with ground mounted condensers.

Location, design and how the equipment is installed plays a much more important role in the indoor noise heard from a package rooftop unit.

That said, this is a comparison article, so speaking from opinion and feedback from Magic Touch Mechanical clients, the Trane and American Standard units seem slightly quieter than the Lennox in most applications. Again, another close one though!

WINNER: Trane and American Standard (again by a hair)



Both brands are considered premium brands by HVAC Contractors and get excellent reviews online and from Magic Touch customers alike. Both are well engineered, and offer excellent serviceability.

The stand-out thing about the Lennox LRP14 is its compact design. It’s a little less obtrusive than the Trane / American Standard models giving it the advantage of being a better fit in applications where obstacles like skylights and roof vents are close by.

While the Trane and Am. Std. cabinets are a little bulkier, they do have a more premium feel to them. It seems they paid more attention to the details than Lennox on this one.

WINNER: Tie (It really depends on the application)



In our last product comparison Lennox was the clear winner. When it comes to package units, we have to give this one to American Standard and Trane.

Lennox doesn’t have a product that matches up to the Trane XL16c or American Standard Platinum 16 which is far and away the premium product examined in this shoot-out.

UPDATE 2/1/17 – The Lennox 16-SEER package unit is now available. Lennox LRP16HP

When we look at the mid-level products, although it’s very close, Lennox falls a bit short in some areas.



Check back with us, we will be comparing the new Goodman GPH16 and GPG16 to the two-stage Trane units. Goodman Manufacturing, owned by the Daikin Air Conditioning Company released these units this year and they are already receiving rave reviews from Magic Touch clients. They are considerably less in cost than the American Standard equivalent, so our comparison will focus on which offers the best bang for the buck!

If you are interested in receiving a free estimate on a new Lennox or American Standard rooftop package unit, check out our service area or contact us today!