3 Quick Heating Tips for Furnace or Heat Pump Owners

Furnaces are the most common type of heating systems here in the Phoenix, AZ area, and we have three tips for how you can get your furnace to work at its best through the season. You can help reduce the chance of malfunctions, a breakdown, and inefficient performance leading to higher utility bills.

What Air Filter Do I Need for a Superb HVAC System?

“What kind of replacement air filter should I get?” If you’ve gone to a home supply store to look over the filters on sale, you’ll find a wide variety available. How can you tell which one to use?

Heating and Cooling Tax Credits Extended for 2016!

Did you know that the government offers you savings on many of home improvements? Tax rebates for energy efficienct HVAC systems offer you even more ways to cut down on your comfort costs for the year.

3 Problems Your Ductless Air Conditioning System Might Run Into

One of the major advantages of using a ductless mini split system to provide cooling to your home is that the lack of ducts means there’s potentially less that can go wrong. Leaky and clogged air ducts can create numerous problems for an air conditioning and heating system, but with a ductless mini split you’re free from these worries.

Does the Location of a Thermostat Make a Difference?

It’s easy to understand why a thermostat is such an essential part of home’s comfort system. After all, how else can you communicate with your air conditioner or heater and set it to match your family’s needs? But because thermostats are designed as small and unobtrusive parts of a home’s interior décor (they aren’t painted flashy gold or with bright primary colors), it’s also easy for people to underestimate their importance.