Swamp Coolers Work Best in What Climate? (Answer: Ours!)

Air conditioning is just a part of living in a place like Phoenix. It’s almost impossible to imagine going without crisp, cool air coming from a well-working AC system.

But the standard air conditioner is not the only type of cooling system for homes. In our desert climate, swamp coolers (also known as evaporative coolers) are used widely. If you’ve considered using a whole-house swamp cooler in Scottsdale, AZ or the surrounding cities for your house, call our offices and speak to one of our HVAC experts. They can help you find out if using a swamp cooler is ideal to meet your comfort needs.

We offer all types of central air conditioning systems for installation in Tempe, AZ. No matter how you want to cool your house, we can offer the best service for installations, replacements, and more.

The “Swamp” in “Swamp Coolers” Isn’t What It Sounds Like

The popular name swamp cooler often tricks people into thinking that using evaporative coolers is ideally suited for humid climates. There’s some confusion around the question “what climate is best for swamp coolers”? The answer is that a swamp cooler is right for the exact opposite of a swamp: it’s right for a dry, desert climate.

The reason that swamp coolers are a good match to low-humidity areas like Phoenix is because they work through the principle of cooling the outside air by moving the air across water-saturated pads. This causes the water on the pads to evaporate into the air, lowering the air temperature. If the air is already humid and filled with moisture, it’s much more difficult for evaporation to occur. (Plus, it adds more moisture to the air, and that’s not what somebody living in a humid place like Florida would want.)

For our dry Arizona climate, an evaporative cooler can lower the temperature in a single room by up to 15°F. Although this may not be able to handle the harshest of our summer days and will require assistance from a refrigerant-based AC, it still reduces the workload on the other cooling system and can handle milder hot days without help. The addition of humidity into the air is also helpful for dealing with our dry desert conditions.

If low humidity is still a problem in your house in Gilbert, AZ, we provide installations of whole-house humidifiers.

Swamp Coolers Can Help You Save Energy

A swamp cooler needs to be correctly sized for a house, which is why you must make sure to have our expert technicians handle the job. If the right type and size of swamp cooler is put in place, you can expect significant energy savings during the long hot seasons here in Scottsdale. This is because swamp coolers on average use 75% less electricity than standard air conditioners. When put to good use, a swamp cooler can cut down noticeably on your annual electrical bills.

Request service from us today! We want you to enjoy the best comfort as the temperatures start to warm up for the coming hot months.

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