5 Vital Steps to Shut Down Your Furnace for Warm Weather

The the start of March is still a period of cold temperatures for most of the country. But not here! Sure, Phoenix can still expect some days in the 60s and nights in the 40s, but we’re moving steadily toward the heat of spring and the intense heat of summer. If you use a natural gas furnace to heat your house, you’re probably coming close to the time when you’ll turn it off for the last time for many months.

But… you should never simply stop using the furnace. There are steps to take to shut down the furnace and make other preparations around your house for the switch to warmer weather. These steps help with safety, conserving energy, and prepping the AC to take over. Here’s advice for seeing that you have a smooth change to the season of air conditioning.

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ONE: Have Any Lingering Performance Problems Professionally Repaired

It’s a bit too easy for people in a place like Phoenix to dismiss any malfunctions with their furnace when the hot weather is closing in. But no furnace problem, from strange noises to short-cycling, should ever be allow to continue. Allowing your furnace shutdown for the summer with lingering problems could mean a furnace that won’t turn on again when you need it. It can also mean safety problems. Have our technicians repair your furnace in Scottsdale, AZ if there is any suspicion of a problem—and don’t delay!

TWO: Shut Off the Furnace’s Pilot Light

Newer furnaces are making the change to using electronic ignition systems, which improve energy performance and are more reliable. But pilot lights are still found in older furnaces, and if yours is one, we recommend you turn off the pilot light when the cold weather ends. There’s a valve handle beside the pilot light assembly. Turn it 90°F to stop the gas flow and the pilot light will go out.

THREE: Change the Furnace Filter

We hope that you’ve kept up with changing the furnace filter regularly over the winter. The filter will become clogged over the season, and you don’t want to switch to using the AC if the filter that serves both the air conditioner and the furnace is congested. We’ve written out the steps to change the filter, but contact us if you need any assistance in Mesa, AZ.

FOUR: Test All Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you use natural gas in your home in any capacity, you must have CO detectors in your house to help protect your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. We strongly recommend doing a check twice a year on the detectors (press the “test” button on the front of each unit) to see that they’re operating and don’t need new batteries. When you shut down the furnace is an ideal time to do this test.

FIVE: Arrange for Regular Maintenance

This is the most important step for transitioning to the new season. If you’re signed up for one of our maintenance programs in Gilbert, AZ or elsewhere, now is the time to contact us to schedule your HVAC maintenance. (Or contact us to sign up for the program! There’s no better way to keep your heater and air conditioner in top shape year-round.)

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