Is a Radiant Barrier a Type of Insulation?

Insulation is an essential part of improving home performance. In a place that grows as hot as Arizona, you don’t want a poorly insulated home, since it will allow excess heat to seep inside and put extra pressure on your air conditioning system.

Does a Hot Room in Your Home Mean There Is Something Wrong with the AC?

One of the early signs that an air conditioning system is losing cooling power due to a malfunction is a “hot spot” in the house. If you find that a room in your home is abnormally warm even though the AC is running, you’ll probably assume that it’s trouble with the system. However, there are other possible issues in your home that can account for a hot spot.

Does Insulation Matter in a Hot Place Like Mesa?

Talk of insulation may seem more suited to the cold weather and areas of our country because using insulation is perceived as the way to stay warm. The truth is that insulation is important for year-round comfort, including very hot-weather places, because of what it does: slows the transfer of heat. So how does insulation help your home in Mesa, AZ? Let’s take a look

Why Insulation is Important

Considering where we live, you may not be entirely convinced that your insulation needs are all that, well, necessary. Isn’t insulation primarily for areas with brutal winters? Isn’t the insulation in my home sufficient for my needs?

Green-washing and Bad Advice About Energy Savings. The REAL Story!

Today, I saw a video online that was posted by one of the “big-box” retailer, home improvement stores. Without saying who it was, let me just say; who is the first company you think about in large home improvement stores? I will start by sharing that I do not have anything against this store, in […]