Does Insulation Matter in a Hot Place Like Mesa?

Talk of insulation may seem more suited to the cold weather and areas of our country because using insulation is perceived as the way to stay warm. The truth is that insulation is important for year-round comfort, including very hot-weather places, because of what it does: slows the transfer of heat. So how does insulation help your home in Mesa, AZ? Let’s take a look.

The Movement of Heat

Heat moves in three ways: radiant heat, which is direct from the sun as it heats surfaces and objects in its path; convection heat, which moves through gases (including air) and liquids; and conduction, which is how heat moves from one object to another, such as how a metal spoon in a hot cup of tea gains heat. The reason it is important to understand how heat moves is because insulation slows all heat movement; without insulation, or without proper insulation, heat will make its way into your home.

Two Simple Laws of Thermodynamics

Why does heat so stubbornly try to invade your home? It has to do with two laws of thermodynamics: the first states that heat will always move toward cooler air; the second states that heat rises. When considering the first law in terms of cooling, heat that enters your home from your roof, attic space and exterior walls will naturally try to move toward the cooler air inside. Having the correct amount of insulation blocks heat from moving into your home. The second law comes into play in the cooler months as you try to keep the warmer air in your home: you want to slow the movement of the heat into the cooler places of your home, like the attic space. As you can see, insulation isn’t just about keeping warm; it’s also about keeping cool.

Do I Have Enough Insulation?

The best way to determine whether or not your home has enough insulation is to work with a specialist who can physically measure and gauge the level of insulation currently in your home. If you need more insulation, or the technician has found damaged insulation that should be replaced, you’ll be alerted and able to move forward with the improvements.

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