Why Insulation is Important

Considering where we live, you may not be entirely convinced that your insulation needs are all that, well, necessary. Isn’t insulation primarily for areas with brutal winters? Isn’t the insulation in my home sufficient for my needs? There are plenty of misconceptions out there when it comes to energy efficiency and the way that your building envelope controls the flow of thermal energy, but it’s important to realize the critical significance that insulation plays in your home. Without it, you simply cannot expect your HVAC system to function effectively or efficiently.

Insulation comes in various types. There is, of course, the pink or yellow cotton-candy-like material, which is typically installed in rolls. This batt insulation remains a standard in the industry, and its shape reflects its installation location: in between wall and ceiling framing. There are also plenty of other options as well, including spray foam insulation that can come in handy for renovations and retrofitting, as well as foam boards that are typically installed on the building’s exterior in new construction projects.

But all of these materials share a common trait: limiting the passage of thermal energy from areas of heat to areas of cold. During the summer, your insulation prevents the hot outdoor air from entering your home, and during the winter, it prevents your heated air from escaping into the cold outdoors. It is crucial, therefore, to your year-round indoor climate.

The chief reason to consider upgrading your insulation, or for making sure that it’s completed by a professional in the first place is that it will keep your energy bills to a minimum. You insulation materials need to be of high quality, but the installation also needs to be completed properly to ensure adequate coverage and spacing. A properly insulated home should have no trouble keeping warm and cool throughout the years.

Insulation is also about keeping your home consistently comfortable. You don’t want to have to worry about drafty areas of the home and other problems related to efficiency.

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