What Are My Options for Better Indoor Air Quality?

If you think that your home is suffering from low quality air, you’re probably right: numerous houses in the U.S. today are dealing with contaminant-filled air due to a lack of fresh-air circulation. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean the air in a home to make it a healthier and more comfortable environment.

4 Signs that You Need an Air Purifier

We’ve all seen portable air purifiers. Whether you’ve searched for them online or at your local home improvement superstore, there is no shortage of options when it comes to portable air purifiers.

How Can I Remove Smoke Odor From My Home?

Air Scrubber Plus Battles A Cigarette Smoker “The air scrubber plus we installed in our house saved my marriage!” That is verbatim what I overheard my wife say last week to our Office Manager at the Magic Touch Mechanical main office in Mesa, AZ. Of course she was joking (I hope) as she knew my […]