What Are My Options for Better Indoor Air Quality?

If you think that your home is suffering from low quality air, you’re probably right: numerous houses in the U.S. today are dealing with contaminant-filled air due to a lack of fresh-air circulation. Fortunately, there are many ways to clean the air in a home to make it a healthier and more comfortable environment. In fact, there are so many different options for indoor air quality installations that you will want to work with a professional in order to make the best selection. An IAQ professional will help you find the right solution for your home and then take care of the work necessary to install it.

Below are some of the indoor air quality solutions that we offer in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas:

Mechanical air filters

One of the basic—and effective—ways of removing airborne pollutants from a home is to place air filters into the HVAC system. These filters are made of meshes of fibers that trap particles trying to pass through them. The filters come in different efficiency ratings (known as MERV), and an IAQ expert will determine the MERV necessary to clean your air without placing stress on the air conditioner and/or heater.

Electronic air purifiers

Air filters won’t stop all airborne pollutants. For smaller particles, such as gas and odor molecules, it’s a wise idea to pair air filters with an electronic air purifier. These purifiers create an ionized field that draws out minute particles from the air and traps them on a set of plates.

UV air purifiers

If your home has trouble from mold spores, viruses, bacteria, or various microbes, then one of the best options is an ultraviolet air purifier. Using the power of UV radiation, these devices destroy and sterilize biological intruders in your HVAC system without harming your air quality with chemicals.

There are more IAQ solutions where these come from. To find out more about our indoor air quality services, call Magic Touch Mechanical today.