Why Poor Air Conditioning Installation Can Lead to Short-Cycling

Attempting to install a central air conditioning system without the work of trained HVAC technicians is a serious mistake. Whether you try to do the job yourself or you hire inexperienced amateurs to do it, it can lead to numerous issues with efficiency and performance, and most likely a cooling system that won’t last more than a couple years before it needs a replacement.

Perhaps one of the biggest risks of a badly executed central AC installation is a system that short-cycles. Follow below the jump for more.

What is short-cycling?

When the compressor of an air conditioner turns on and off rapidly over a short period, never giving the system the time necessary to complete its cooling cycle, it is known as short-cycling. This bad news for an air conditioner for a numbers of reasons:

  • Since the air conditioner needs the most power when the compressor starts up, short-cycling will raise electrical bills.
  • Because the compressor won’t stay on long enough, cool air will be poorly distributed through the house.
  • The heavy stress on the AC components from short-cycling will lead to numerous repairs.
  • The additional strain will shorten the system’s service life.

Why does poor installation often cause short-cycling?

Many different errors in AC installation can trigger short-cycling, but the most common mistake is that the installers failed to accurately size the new system and put in one too large for the house. An oversized air conditioner will rapidly lower the temperature before it can evenly distribute the cooled air, shutting off prematurely. When the temperature rises a short time later, the compressor turns back on.

Always call on professionals for air conditioning installation

Because the only solution to an oversized air conditioner is an expensive replacement of the system, you want to avoid this problem at all costs. When you hire experienced HVAC technicians, you’ll know that the air conditioner that goes into your home will be ideally sized for its needs.

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