How Can I Remove Smoke Odor From My Home?

Air Scrubber Plus Battles A Cigarette Smoker

“The air scrubber plus we installed in our house saved my marriage!”

That is verbatim what I overheard my wife say last week to our Office Manager at the Magic Touch Mechanical main office in Mesa, AZ. Of course she was joking (I hope) as she knew my office door was open, and she made sure she said it good and loud so I would hear her.

Truth be told though, I understood exactly what she meant. You see, I’m  a smoker, and have been for thirty years. Yes, I know I should quit, yes I know it’s disgusting…we’ll save that discussion for another time, I really am working on it already!

My wife doesn’t smoke and although she tolerates my bad habit, the fact that she has to breathe in my second hand smoke and tolerate the nasty odors cigarette smoke leaves on everything really isn’t fair. 

If we’re sitting around the house on a weekend watching a movie, or it’s 120 degrees outside in sunny Arizona, I have a tendency to light up in the house. When I see her putting her shirt or a blanket over her nose because of the smell, I feel guilty and pause the movie while I go outside to finish my smoke.

One morning at our shop, we were having one of our monthly “product parties”. When we have a product party, we have a factory rep from one of the products we install and service come in and give a demonstration to our team on how their product works, it’s benefits to homeowners, etc.

On this particular day, the product was one of the air purifiers we sell, called the Air Scrubber Plus. During his demonstration, the rep. pulled out a clear box and put it on the table. While he was talking he pit a drop of oil on a heating element which when powered on, filled the box with smoke (very similar to cigarette smoke). He let the smoke stay in the airtight box for a few minutes while he continued to talk to demonstrate that the box was indeed, airtight.

When he turned on power to the device (a miniature version of his product), within seconds the smoke started to swirl around and then almost instantly disappeared. He also demonstrated the fact that the box did not contain any type of fan (which every technician wanted to verify personally)…the device had in fact, instantly removed the smoke without any air movement!

As soon as my wife saw this she immediately said; “I want that installed in our house this week!”

Happy wife – happy life, right? I had my marching orders and installed one the next day!

Now let me clarify something worth saying; I’ve been working in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) business for almost three decades. I hold dozens of certifications, and am well versed in IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), filtration, ventilation, and so on. I’m a BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified Building Analyst, and HERS – Home Energy Rater…I know these products and the science behind them.

In other words, I know they work…I’ve studied, installed and serviced them for years. I’ve heard countless clients tell me how wonderful they were. For some odd reason though…I never bothered to put one in my own home, until my wife prodded me to do so!

Sure, I have a super efficient air conditioning and heating system, sealed air ducts, multiple return duct runs and the best filtration money can buy. I also personally ripped out all the equipment and air ducts that were in the house when I bought it and installed all the new HVAC equipment and accessories myself. BUT, I never put in an air scrubber until my wife said I was going to!


It typically takes a few weeks for all the air in a home to be completely “scrubbed” of contaminants and airborne particles, but my wife noticed the difference within hours!

Her exact words when she came home from the office that evening was; “This is the first time in years I wasn’t accosted by the smell of cigarette smoke when I walked in!”

Within a few weeks my wife was asking me if I had been smoking in the house (I was) because she could not smell it at all. In fact, it was working so well that I could smoke a cigarette 15-minutes before she walked in the room and she didn’t even know!

Most people would rather eat a glass full of thumbtacks than sit through the classes that explain the technology behind an air scrubber and what makes them work (my wife is one of those people), but when she saw it in action, she knew she wanted to give it a try. Needless to say, she’s now a believer as well!


A lot of people install IAQ products like electronic air cleaners, UV lights, HEPA filters, and air scrubbers because they have allergies or breathing disorders and groups like the American Lung Association recommend them…with good reason.

But as you can see by this story, even those without allergies or bronchial diseases can benefit from an air scrubber and similar products. Even if your objective is to get rid of the cooking odors from fish and fried foods that seem to linger for days and even weeks after, these devices can do the trick.


If you are interested in having an Air Scrubber Plus installed in your home or business and live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you’re in luck! Magic Touch Mechanical is based out of Mesa, AZ and we provide service to most cities in Maricopa and portions of Pinal Counties.

Give us a call or contact us online and we’ll be happy to take a look at your home and see what type of air quality products will be good for you and your family.

If you live outside of Arizona or are outside of the Magic Touch service area, I would recommend searching for an air conditioning and heating company on a consumer review website like the BBB, Angie’s List or and call a few that are highly rated to see of they offer the Air Scrubber Plus…no doubt you’ll be as happy as my wife and I are!