Which is the best air conditioning and heating brand?


What brand of central air conditioning and heating unit is the best?

Ask ten different Phoenix HVAC Companies (HVAC = Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) which brand air conditioning and heating system is the best and you’ll most likely get five to ten different answers. Since that will only add to your confusion we’re going to give you a completely unbiased answer!

More often than not you will get a very biased opinion of who makes the best heat pump, furnace or air conditioner because the contractor is always going to choose the brand they sell and tell you that one is the best right? Of course!

Our philosophy at Magic Touch is our clients deserve options, not ultimatums and companies that give you only one brand are giving you an ultimatum not options!

As an example we sell a multitude of brands including Lennox, American Standard / Trane, Mitsubishi, Daikin, and Goodman to name a few. We even have our own full-line of air conditioning and heating systems; Magic Touch Air. Notice how we don’t only “push” our own brand?


That said, we only carry brands we know are going to perform as promised, have passed our stringent standards with regards to reliability, longevity, support from the manufacturer and acceptable operating noise levels. As you can see from just the six brand options mentioned, there are more than a few who make the grade!

So which one is best?

Application: The application or where the A/C unit will be installed matters. For example, let’s say the condenser unit (outside unit) is located right outside the Master Bedroom window of your home. Obviously a low noise rating is going to be very important to you in this situation, so you want to look at which units have the lowest decibel rating as an important consideration.

Another example of choosing the best air conditioner for a certain application would be space restrictions. It’s not unusual for a furnace or air handler to be located in an attic in Mesa, AZ for instance. In this case, a heating unit with smaller dimensions might make it the best choice for this application for a few reasons; first, easier access will save you money because it will take less labor to install it. Second, your HVAC System is going to be there for the next ten to twenty years. It needs to be located in a place where HVAC Service Technicians can easily get to it for repairs and maintenance.

Reliability: At Magic Touch, we’ll only recommend products that we use ourselves be it on our homes or offices. What would happen to our reputation if we recommended products that weren’t reliable? Again its important to remember that we recommend and install more than a few competing HVAC equipment brands so its fair to say there are a lot of manufacturers building reliable units today. That’s not to say the major brands never have failures, because they all will and do, but for the most part all the major manufacturers are putting out quality equipment nowadays.

Sometimes, however it’s not the equipment manufacturers fault when a unit fails or doesn’t last very long before needing to be replaced…sometimes it’s the HVAC Company who installed its fault!

Installation: I have friends and family members that live in different states that will call me for advice when they have to replace their central cooling and heating system. Usually the first question they will ask is which brand they should go for.

My advice is always the same:

Don’t choose a brand; choose a company to install it. What I mean by that is; it’s far more important to choose an air conditioning company that’s going to install it properly, not cut corners, take the time to look at the whole home and consider all the variables before recommending the right unit (or units) for that application, etc. than the brand of equipment itself.

I’ve probably made the following statement 500 times in my life and will probably say it 500 more in the future:

You’d be better served having the best air conditioning company in town install the most basic entry level unit, than you would to have the top of the line model installed improperly by a sub-par contractor.

I have seen many, many, many instances where a homeowner purchased what they thought was a high efficiency air conditioning unit that was installed so poorly that it was actually operating less efficiently than an entry-level model.

On the other hand, we have seen entry level 13 SEER (minimum efficiency) units installed that are getting every bit of the efficiency and performance they should because they were installed properly and were the best fit for the application. The reason we’ve seen this so many times is because many times we installed it! ♥


Much like the auto manufacturers today, there are a multitude of HVAC Manufacturers putting out excellent products that are efficient, reliable, quiet, and innovative. Which one is best has a lot to do with the particular application but more so it has to do with how it is installed.

Search for the real expert in your town (if you’re in Phoenix, you’re in luck because that’s us, Magic Touch Mechanical!) – but seriously, if you do your homework you’ll find a handful of highly rated HVAC Contractors in almost every city in America. From there just narrow it down to which you feel the most comfortable with and follow their recommendations. If you do that, chances are you’ll wind up with the best air conditioning and heating system you can buy.

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