4 Signs that You Need an Air Purifier

We’ve all seen portable air purifiers. Whether you’ve searched for them online or at your local home improvement superstore, there is no shortage of options when it comes to portable air purifiers. They promise quite a bit, and many of them work fairly well in small, confined spaces. But they’re hardly a total house solution. If you want to make sure that your indoor air is thoroughly cleaned and the presence of airborne contaminants and pollutants neutralized, then you must seek a whole house air purifier. Only then will you feel confident that your indoor air quality problems have been abated.

So how do you know that you could benefit from a whole house air purifier? Let’s have a look at 4 common signs.

  • Allergic reactions. If you suffer from allergies, life is hard enough without having to worry about the influx of noxious particles coming through the air ducts into your living space. Whether during the winter or summer, our doors are tightly sealed against the elements, and this can lead to poor conditions for clean air.
  • Foul odor. Another issue related to poor indoor air quality is a foul odor wafting through the living space. While it could be your toddler or even your visiting brother-in-law, it could also be an indication that your air has biological contaminants floating throughout your home, such as mold, mildew, and bacteria, among others. A whole house air purifier can do wonders for such issues.
  • Stuffy or stale air. A related problem is the presence of stuffy or stale air. If you find that your air is less than fresh, then this may also indicate that your indoor air quality is suffering. If it’s simply a ventilation issue, then you might wish to consider an energy recovery ventilator or heat recovery ventilator, but a whole house air purifier may be helpful in some cases as well.
  • Visible dust, dander and other debris. If you can see dust and other debris plume out of your air ducts, then that’s not a good sign. An air duct cleaning may be in order, but that won’t do much to eliminate the dust already floating throughout your space. An air purifier installed within the air ducts can eliminate this issue and also prevent it from happening in the future.

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