Trane XC80 Gas Furnace

The Trane XC80 gas furnace is an 80% AFUE, ¬†two-stage heating unit. It’s variable speed blower and communicating circuit board, keep your home cozy all winter.

Trane XV20i Air Conditioner

The Trane XV20i Air Conditioner is the manufacturer’s top of the line AC unit. When paired with a Trane Furnace and Coil, end users can expect quiet and efficient comfort unmatched by most competitors.

Trane XV18 Air Conditioner

The Trane XV18 Air Conditioner is a second Variable Speed AC option from the manufacturer. This model provides the precise comfort and quiet operation as its best-in-class counterpart the XV20i for $1,500 – $2,000 less!

Trane XL16c Packaged Heat Pump

The Trane XL16c packaged heat pump is Trane’s premium 2-stage rooftop unit. It’s one of the most expensive 2-stage rooftop heat pump units, but that hasn’t hindered its popularity in Phoenix.

Trane XL15c Packaged Heat Pump

The Trane XL15c packaged heat pump is Trane’s premium single-stage rooftop unit. The XL15c includes most of the same features as the XL16c but only offers one cooling & heating speed.

Trane XR14c Packaged Heat Pump

The Trane XR14c packaged heat pump is Trane’s entry-level 14-SEER rooftop or ground-mount model. As with all Trane packaged units, it’s built like a tank!

Trane XR14h Packaged Heat Pump

The Trane XR14h packaged heat pump is Trane’s answer to the old-school over/under Goettl, Tappan, and GE rooftop units. This unit was designed to install in specific applications.

Trane XL18i Air Conditioner

The Trane XL18i Air Conditioner is Trane’s premium 2-stage cooling unit. It’s only slightly quieter (1-decibel) than Trane’s other 2-stage air conditioner the XR17, and similar in efficiency, but it has a few features the XR17 lacks.

Trane XR17 Air Conditioner

The Trane XR17 Air Conditioner brings two-stage cooling to the masses at an affordable price. With efficiency ratings up to 18 SEER and the Trane ClimaTuff two-speed compressor, this new AC unit delivers a lot of bang for the buck!