Choosing The Right AC Filter

Ask 3 HVAC service technicians what kind of AC filter you should use, you’ll probably get three different answers. The Rock Stopper AC Filter Technician 1: “Just get the cheapest disposable AC filter and change it every 30 days.” Technician 1’s opinion is based on the premise that a cheap filter will restrict airflow the […]

How Your Air Conditioning Unit Affects Your Home’s Air Quality

Your air conditioning system runs throughout the entirety of your house, so it’s easy to see how it affects the air quality in your home. Your home’s air quality in turn affects the health and comfort of both you and your family. But in what ways does this air quality manifest? What can you do […]

How Duct Cleaning can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Air purifiers are capable of removing some pollutants from your air over time, for example. However, the best way to remove the threat of airborne contaminants is to have your ducts cleaned. Read on to find out how duct cleaning can improve your indoor air quality.

Is Your Air Dry? Signs that You Need a Humidifier

Low humidity is a fact in this part of the country, but it’s important that you take the necessary precautions for making sure that your home has what it needs to be comfortable all year long.

Top 10 Natural Allergy Cures

Our blog focuses on three main items when considering providing solutions to our readers; Comfort, Health/Safety, and Energy Savings. One of the subjects that falls under two of those three categories (Comfort & Health) is Indoor Air Quality often referred to simply as IAQ. Allergies caused by breathing in harmful particulate matter in the air […]