Top 10 Natural Allergy Cures

Our blog focuses on three main items when considering providing solutions to our readers; Comfort, Health/Safety, and Energy Savings.

One of the subjects that falls under two of those three categories (Comfort & Health) is Indoor Air Quality often referred to simply as IAQ. Allergies caused by breathing in harmful particulate matter in the air can be controlled or even eliminated with many of the products and services our company and companies like ours provide. But did you know there are low cost, natural solutions that can be used to prevent or even cure some of these symptoms?

Below are the top ten natural allergy cures per the Lennox International publication ‘Home Comfort Matters’. This information is being shared with their permission.

Top 10 natural allergy cures

10. Stinging nettle A natural antihistamine, this common weed treats allergies in the same manner as many over-the-counter medications, but without the unwanted side effects of dry mouth and drowsiness. Consider taking it as a supplement or a tea.

9. Neti pot Quickly gaining popularity among severe allergy sufferers, neti pots are small, ceramic or plastic vessels that help clear sinuses with a saltwater rinse.

8. Massage This surprising remedy helps to release a biological mechanism that prevents the brain from sending allergic responses that cause wheezing and sneezing. Plus, it also helps lower blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels while improving your body’s circulation.

7. Foods that fight allergies Studies show foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids—such as walnuts, flaxseed oil, eggs and cold-water fish— may help prevent allergy inflammation. Similarly, adding a dash of horseradish, chili peppers or hot mustard to your food can temporarily aid decongestion.

6. Essential oils Inhaling the steam of essential oils can bring relief to allergy sufferers. Boil water on the stove with 3 drops of eucalyptus oil, 3 drops of rosemary oil, 2 drops of myrtle oil and 2 drops of tea tree oil. Place a washcloth over the pot and inhale deeply for 5-10 minutes.

5. Probiotics “Good” bacteria, as probiotics are often called, can aid digestion and keep your immune system balanced, thereby helping to keep allergy symptoms at bay. They can be found in yogurt as well as in over-the-counter supplements.

4. Local honey Build up allergy immunity by eating honey produced near your home. The theory is that the bees eat the pollens that are in your region, then produce honey, thereby offering a mini antihistamine.

3. Acupuncture Studies suggest that stimulating the body’s energy channels through this ancient remedy may help temper an overactive immune system that can lead to severe allergy symptoms.

2. Quercetin While found naturally in the skin of onions and apples, this substance is best consumed in supplemental form to provide relief to allergy sufferers.

1. Preventive measures If all else fails, consider wearing a medical mask when venturing outdoors during peak allergy season to block pollen, grass and mold from causing flare-ups. Pair it with sunglasses to block pollen from entering your eyes.

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