How Your Air Conditioning Unit Affects Your Home’s Air Quality

indoor air qualityYour air conditioning system runs throughout the entirety of your house, so it’s easy to see how it affects the air quality in your home. Your home’s air quality in turn affects the health and comfort of both you and your family. But in what ways does this air quality manifest? What can you do with your air conditioning system to better maintain clean, healthy air in your home?

How Badly-Maintained A/C Units Can Compromise Air Quality

There are two main aspects of your air conditioning unit that affect the air quality in your home: the ducts and filter. Both parts are integral pieces of the air conditioning structure through which air passes. Both can also potentially house pathogens that can affect your home’s air quality.

Your air conditioner’s filter is the gateway for all the allergens that can come through your house. Air filters ensure that allergens and particulates that circulate in the air, such as dust, don’t pass through your air conditioner into your home. It is recommended that you change your air filter every few months. It’s recommended to change the filter even more often if you have pets, because even though you love them dearly, they do contribute to more dander in your home. If external factors in your environment are contributing to bad air quality (i.e. dust storms, smoke from wildfires, or high pollution warnings) this could also necessitate more frequent filter changes. If you would like to maximize your home’s air quality and the lifetime of your filters, we here at Magic Touch recommend and utilize hospital-grade HEPA air filters.

Your air conditioner’s ducts are another part of the unit that can affect the air quality in your home. The ducts are the long often tubular or square apparatuses through which the air in the unit flows. In an office setting, they may be exposed, however in your home they aren’t, as that would be quite unsightly. These long tubes are the systems through which air flows freely. Since they are often out of sight, most homeowners are surprised to learn how many hidden particulates are filling the ducts and affecting the air quality in their home. Ducts should be regularly checked and cleaned. Not only does this ensure that your home’s air quality is high; it can also improve the efficiency of your unit.

What to Watch For

In addition to keeping an eye on the parts of your air conditioning unit that can affect your home’s air quality, it’s important to watch out for potential warning signs that the air quality in your home has been compromised.


We all know that allergy season comes around the springtime and some may suffer year round, but how can allergies affect the air quality in your home? Allergies can come from a variety of sources, some indoors, such as pet dander and dust, and some outdoors, such as pollen. If you find yourself excessively sneezing and having itchy or watery eyes in your home, there may be allergens present in your home that are affecting you. These  allergens can also trigger asthma symptoms and cause flare ups. If you suspect your allergies are prolonged and due to a source in your home, first change your air conditioning filter and see if your symptoms alleviate.


The presence of mold in your home is no joke and is something to take very seriously, as it can have serious health effects. Mold can come from your air conditioning unit if you regularly have problems with excess humidity. The air conditioning ducts can harbor moisture if there is a problem with the ducts themselves or if the humidity in the room is causing your system to leak water. If your air conditioner is leaking water, this should be solved as soon as possible, as leaking water in your house can not only damage the interior of your house, but also lead to mold growth. Black mold is an extremely dangerous type of mold that should be addressed with urgency and by a professional mold remediation company. Mold affects the air quality of your home in that the spores can travel through the air and affect your breathing, including coughing and wheezing, and can lead to larger respiratory problems.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

Indoor air quality is important in your home. It affects the condition and longevity of your personal property, as well as the health and comfort of your family. While we can’t control the air outside, we can certainly ensure that the inside air is clean and comfortable. Regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit and watching out for potential warning signs that something is amiss can ensure that the air quality of your home stays in tip top shape.

If you think the air quality in your house is suffering due to your air conditioner, Magic Touch Mechanical can help you improve it! Contact us today to see what we can do for you.