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I gave it over a year before deciding it was time to write my Bosch air conditioner review. As always, we spent a heck of a lot of time vetting Bosch air conditioners before giving them a shot. Since then, we’ve installed well over a hundred Bosch variable speed heat pumps in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler & surrounding cities. The life of an AC unit in Arizona is a rough one and not all brands are up to the task. The Bosch Air Conditioner has proven it’s one of them that can go toe-to-toe with some of the best!



Bosch Air Conditioning – German Engineering at its Finest


Chances are if you know someone with a Bosch appliance, you know they rave about its performance. My first experience with a Bosch appliance was a dishwasher I bought to replace an old Maytag. Keep in mind, I’ve been an appliance technician for 3 decades, so I know a lot about these machines. Aside from the obvious quality engineering and manufacturing of my Bosch dishwasher, it put the old Maytag to shame performance-wise. Most notably, what struck me was the noise – or lack thereof. I didn’t think my Maytag was that loud until I heard the Bosch running. In fact, it’s hard to tell it is running. Something it shares in common with its air conditioner counterpart.


The Bosch Air Conditioner is Extremely Quiet


I should start by saying the complete lineup of Bosch air conditioning units have variable speed compressors. The reason that’s important with regards to sound is variable speed units by design are the quietest units on the market. The Bosch air conditioner competes with the premium brands’ heavyweights – which are already in a class of their own. It has to compete with two of the quietest and most efficient units on the market:


Trane XV20i & Lennox XP25


That’s a tough class to compete in when you consider both previously claimed either quietest in class (Trane), and most efficient (Lennox). However, not only does Bosch hold its own, it prevails! Premium models boastingly publish their lowest operating sounds in dB (decibels). Commonly they use phrases like; “operating sound as low as ___ dB.”

Here’s how they stack up:

  • Trane XV20i operates as low as 57dB
  • Lennox XP25 operates as low as 58dB
  • Bosch 1.0 operates as low as 56dB

In fairness to all of the brands mentioned, it’s reasonable to say these are all unbelievably quiet AC units. However, giving credit where it’s most due, the Bosch Air Conditioner is the quietest of the quiet!


The Bosch Air Conditioner Compressor is Famously Reliable


If you’re a Magic Touch Mechanical client or just a regular reader, you probably know we install ductless heat pumps. More accurately, we install a lot  of ductless units. I’m told we’re one of the largest purchasers of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners & heat pumps in all of Phoenix. I mention that to point out that with thousands of ductless systems installs under our belt, we can measure their reliability. I’ve told you in many articles that Mitsubishi ductless units are far and away the most reliable units we install. Frankly the things are tanks! And, although they keep our installers busy, our service technicians see them more on maintenance visits than repair visits.

I mention the Mitsubishi compressor because the variable speed compressor used in the Bosch air conditioner* uses the same tech. In fact, one of the reasons I even considered giving Bosch a shot was I knew the compressor wouldn’t cause us or our clients grief.

*Technically Bosch variable speed units are heat pumps (both AC & heating), however most people refer to heat pumps as their AC.

Which leads us to manufacture parts & compressor warranty.


Bosch Air Conditioners are Backed by a Great Factory Warranty


bosch dealer mesa azWhen installed by an ABC Contractor (Accredited Bosch Contractor) like Magic Touch Mechanical, you get a 10-Year Compressor, Coil, and Parts warranty.

Comparatively speaking, this warranty is within the same range as both the Lennox XP25 (10-Years) and Trane XV20i (12-Years). Note, both competitive brands also require installation by an approved contractor, product registration within 60-days, etc. (or warranty reverts to a lesser period).

For clients and perspective customers: Of course, Magic Touch Mechanical is a preferred dealer for both Lennox and Trane as well as Bosch (and others).


Bosch Heat Pumps Win Every Time on Price – for now

How much does a Bosch Air Conditioner cost? The question everyone wants to know is; what about the Bosch air conditioner price? Well, that’s one category Bosch wins by a huge margin. The Bosch 1.0 and 2.0 split heat pumps cost thousands less than their competitors models in the same class. In fact, they cost less than quite a few of the competitions next level down models.

For now, they’re a lot cheaper anyway. I predict Bosch will raise their price sooner rather than later as demand is already increasing. Both Trane and Lennox are well known brands with a long history of building high-end heating & cooling products. Although technically Bosch is far from brand new in this space, they’re not a household name in residential air conditioners. Until they get their name out and gain consumer confidence the others already have, they have to be less expensive. However, they’re already gaining popularity with homeowners which will undoubtedly drive Bosch heat pump prices up. If you’ve considered a Bosch AC unit, now is probably the best time to get a great price.


How About Reliability?

Magic Touch Mechanical has been a Trane / American Standard dealer for 20-years & Lennox dealer for over 12-years. Between the two, we’ve installed (conservatively) many thousands of each brand’s heating & air conditioning systems. One of the reasons they’ve remained a client favorite (and our favorites) is their reliability. Both Trane and Lennox have proven themselves with longevity and very low failure rates (something not all manufacturers can say).

Of over 100 new Bosch Variable Speed we’ve installed in the last year, we had a problem with two. In both cases Bosch was extremely quick in providing replacement parts on one, and a new condenser on the other – test passed! That said, a 2% failure rate in year one is pretty impressive and on par with the best units available.

We can’t speak on longevity yet as we can on the other brands. However, considering the components are already familiar to us and the quality of engineering and design, we feel good about them.


Bosch Packaged Heat Pump (Bosch IDP) – Variable Speed!

There’s not much to say yet since they just landed in Phoenix but: Bosch beat all the big boys to market with the very 1stVariable Speed Packaged Heat Pump. We’ve heard rumors about other brands working on their own, but until we see them, it’s all talk. Bosch variable speed rooftop packs are here – we’ve seen them with our own eyes and are adding them to our offerings.

  • The good:All the same tech in the split systems are utilized in the rooftop units. They’re the most efficient packaged heat pump on the market in 2019.
  • The bad:Unlike Bosch split systems, these are the most expensive packaged heat pump on the market in Arizona. To be fair, nothing else is in the same class. Every other manufacturer’s top package unit including Lennox & Trane is, at best; two-stage, not variable speed.


I personally own both Trane and Lennox 2-stage package units. I’ve installed them in my own home, a rental property I own, and Magic Touch’s main office in Mesa, AZ. Time will tell if the Bosch Package Heat Pump will be a suitable replacement when the time comes. However, there’s no doubt it is a suitable replacement consideration when it comes time to replace one of my split systems.


Stand Out Features of the Bosch Variable Speed Packaged Heat Pump


  • Highest efficiency in its class– rated at 19 SEER, 12.5 EER, 10 HSPF

As of July 2019, the Bosch Packaged Heat Pump is the most efficient rooftop unit in its class on the market.


  • Fully modulating Inverter Drive precisely matches the heating/cooling load

No other residential rooftop heat pump unit on the market today has the ability to offer “precise” cooling and heating to this level.


  • Inverter Compressor (25% – 110% capacity), modulation in 1% increments

Otherwise known as a variable speed compressor, the Bosch IDP is the only V.S. rooftop heat pump on the market at the present time. Most premium brands offer up to a two-stage compressor at the moment.


  • Two stage x13 ECM blower for enhanced humidity control and quiet operation

The two speed x13 ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) is found in many of today’s premium A/C & heating units. It is sometimes mistakenly labeled as a variable speed motor. While that’s true in a sense, this motor actually automatically adjusts its airflow to a desired CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute).


  • 10 speed ECM outdoor blower for premium efficiency and whisper quiet operation

They’re not kidding when they say “quiet!” Most outdoor condenser fan motors have one speed – ON. The Bosch Variable Speed Pack has 10 speeds adding to its ultra-high efficiency ratings.


  • Can be installed as either a rooftop unit or ground unit depending on the application and home design.

Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Chandler have many neighborhoods with rooftop packaged heat pumps. Bosch is the first to bring variable speed compressor technology as an option. This unit can also be installed in a ground-mount application commonly found in manufactured homes and historical homes.


  • ENERGY STAR rated

As you might expect from the most efficient unit in its class!


  • Compatible with the Bosch Connected Control (BCC) Thermostats & aftermarket thermostats.

Unlike most premium communicating heat pumps on the market, the Bosch IDP does not require a proprietary thermostat. The major benefit to the end user is cost savings. Proprietary thermostats are usually expensive as the manufacturers have a captive audience.


Bosch Variable Speed Split Heat Pump 1.0

 Bosch Air Conditioner Review – 1.0 Split Heat Pump

As of the writing of this post, all of the units we have installed have been the Bosch Variable Speed 1.0. That said, this Bosch air conditioner review article pertains mostly to the 1.0 model. The only criteria the Bosch 1.0 falls short of the Lennox XP25 & Trane XV20i is; efficiency. While it is still a highly efficient unit, it doesn’t stack up to the ratings of other variable speed inverters.

The Bosch Variable Speed Split Heat Pump achieves up to 18 SEER. While that’s still considered extremely efficient, both Trane and Lennox have it beat.


bosch heat pump 1.0 review


Bosch Variable Speed Split Heat Pump 2.0

 Bosch Air Conditioner Review – 2.0 Split Heat Pump

The good news for Bosch is their engineers must’ve been hard at work because the 2.0 model is more efficient. With most other specifications being either the same or better than the 1.0, the new model reaches up to 20.5 SEER! With this change, their competitors have cause for concern. Not only is it quieter than theirs, it’s in the same efficiency rating area, for less money!

HSPF (Heating Season Performance Factor) has also increased in the 2.0 model. This is something we’re happy about and will make Bosch purchasers happy too. HSPF is the efficiency rating of a heat pump in the winter heating season. Phoenix residents are more concerned with cooling efficiency than heating efficiency, but there’s a reason this is important in Arizona.

ids 2.0 ac unit reviewUtility companies APS & SRP AC Rebates! The new HSPF rating qualifies the Bosch Heat Pump for the best AC rebates available in Arizona. SRP AC Rebates are much higher than APS AC Rebates and this model gets up to $1,125 in rebates. Better yet, that’s $1,125 per unit not per household – a huge bonus for homes with multiple AC systems.


Review Summary

So, how do we sum up our Bosch Air Conditioner Review? 

We’ve been accused of being too hard on some brands and models including brands we represent. However, we just report the facts and the feedback we get from our clients, installers, and service technicians. Since we sell many brands each having dozens of models it’s inevitable we’ll have both positive and negative feedback to report. Some models we give glowing reviews because that’s what our clients give them, others not so much.

As for the Bosch Variable Speed Heat Pump, we have had nothing shy of outstanding feedback. Clients, installers, and service technicians have all been impressed with the Bosch air conditioner. Over a hundred units installed is a good sampling, and although it’s only been a little over a year, we’ve seen great performance.


Verdict: The Bosch Variable Speed Heat Pump / Air Conditioner gets two thumbs up from Magic Touch Mechanical!


Speaking of reviews, check out ours!


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