You May Be Driving Up Your Air Conditioning Costs and Not Realize It!

Phoenix, AZ has warm weather around the year, but during the summer the temperatures can turn especially brutal. Air conditioning systems all over the city will work steadily to make sure people stay cool. All that electricity sent to the air conditioners will have a significant effect on utility bills.

Change Your Air Filter Each Month This Summer! Here’s Why

The air filter is a simple component of your air conditioning system. Its mesh of fibers is designed to stop larger contaminants coming through the return air ducts (dirt, dust, fibers, insect dander, etc.) from entering the AC’s cabinet.

Spring Repairs Your Air Conditioning System May Need

The summer heat arrives long before the summer itself does in Phoenix. You probably have already had your air conditioning system running to keep your home cooled down. To make sure that the AC continues to run and is ready for the even more intense heat of the summer, keep a close watch for any warning signs of malfunctions.

When is the best time and temperature for an A/C or Heating Tune-Up?

When is the best time and temperature for an A/C or Heating Tune-Up? We get this question often; should I wait to get a tune-up? There are only two numbers to keep in mind to know if the temperature is right to have your air conditioning and heating system maintenance performed, 65 and 75. Ideally […]