Is Dryer Vent Cleaning Really Necessary?

Let us assure you, dryer vent cleaning is not a luxury service. And it’s not only about seeing that your clothes dryer works efficiently and gets your clothes fully dry on each load. This is a vital service for protecting your home.

It’s Time to Schedule Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many people aren’t aware that the dryer vent is something that requires cleaning on a regular basis. However, this is a vital service—and it’s also one that you should leave to our professionals in Phoenix.

What Does an HVAC Load Calculation Involve?

Selecting a new heating and air conditioning system in a home is much more complicated than simply pointing to a unit and saying, “That ought to do it!” It’s vital that a new HVAC system is sized to match a house. Sizing doesn’t mean finding a unit that will fit (although that’s certainly a requirement).

Why Duct Sealing Is So Important (Plus: Rebate Offer!)

Proper comfort and energy efficiency in your home is about more than the AC and heater. It’s also about the ventilation system that carries conditioned air to the rooms. It’s easy to put the ductwork out of your mind since you can’t see most of it, but that’s a mistake. Air ducts with damage will start to leak air, and this will have an impact on your comfort, energy savings, and even the quality of your indoor air.

Why You Need Professional Fireplace Cleaning

Although we don’t worry as much about keeping our homes warm during the year in Tempe, AZ as we do keeping them cool, the fireplace is an interesting exception. In most homes, the fireplace isn’t there to serve as a heating system.