Commercial Ice Machine Problems That Need Repairs

You may not realize how important an effective commercial ice machine can be for a company. “Ice is ice, right?” you may think. “As long as the machine is churning our ice, what difference does it make how well it’s working?”

First, any inefficiently operating machine is a money waster, and you never want to waste money while running a business. Second, poor quality ice means poor quality of whatever it’s used for. Think about going to a restaurant where you receive small ice cubes in your drinks that rapidly melt—and you may have to wait to get more ice. An ice machine can have an effect on customer service and operation—and it can even turn into a health code hazard for food service companies if it starts to leak water on the ground.

Many types of businesses rely on ice machines, and in a part of the country as hot as Phoenix, ice machines are under a great amount of stress. Handling refrigeration equipment in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas is part of our job, and we want to make sure you receive whatever repair work you need for your ice machine when something goes wrong with it. Below are some common ice machine problems leading to poor performance that we can repair.

Water Flow Issues

Perhaps the most common type of problem an ice machine can suffer from is with water flow. Deposits often build up inside the water lines or along machine components, leading to malfunctions. (Unfortunately, hard water deposits are a frequent concern in the Phoenix area.) One result build-up in the lines is a drop in water flow. If you notice you’re getting uneven cubes or cubes smaller than you expect, water flow is likely the trouble. You’ll need professionals to locate blockages in the hoses.

The Ice Machine Leaks Water

Sometimes, water ends up going where it isn’t supposed to inside an ice maker. Leaky valves can cause water to start to leak from the ice machine. You may not notice this around the machine’s base at first, but you may discover there are larger cubes of ice that are starting to jam up the machine.

The Ice Machine Is Too Warm

This is problem that can occur because of poor initial installation in a space that’s too warm or one that won’t allow the ice machine to vent heat properly. (This is one of the many reasons you must always rely on professionals like ours when it comes to selecting and putting in a commercial ice machine.) When the temperature around the ice machine is too high, it will force the machine to work harder to create ice, and this leads to a higher level of breakdowns.

If you are looking for repairs for an ice machine in Tempe, AZ or the surrounding areas, contact our technicians. We have extensive experience with many types of commercial refrigeration equipment, from draft beer systems for Scottsdale, AZ restaurants to server room cooling for Mesa, AZ office buildings. We can even take care of your wine refrigeration needs! You can depend on us for installations, replacements, repairs, and maintenance, no matter your business or equipment.

The Ice Machine Needs Cleaning

Most ice machine manufacturers recommend semi-annual cleaning to keep the warranty enforce. Aside from the obvious health reasons to make sure your ice machine is kept clean, a dirty ice machine can wreak havoc on the components of the machine and not only reduce or stop ice production – can cause complete component failure leading to expensive and avoidable repairs. Our refrigeration technicians are trained to discreetly and professionally assure your ice machine is not only operating to manufacturer specifications, but also producing ice that’s safe for consumption by your customers and staff.

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