How Do I Choose Between a Ductless and Ducted Heat Pump?

If you are planning to change your HVAC system during the fall, one of the choices you may run into is whether you should go with a standard system that uses ductwork or switch to the increasingly popular ductless mini split heat pump. Usually, this debate comes up when you’re doing renovations to your house that will remove an old set of ducts, giving you the option of either putting in new ducts or bypassing ductwork entirely.

How Does a Heat Pump Actually Work?

Heat pumps are gaining more and more popularity among homeowners looking for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly home heating system. That’s all well and good; heat pumps are certainly high quality heating systems.

Common Signs that You Need Heating Repair

We specialize in restoring the effectiveness and efficiency of nearly all makes and models of heaters. We can do the same for you. Here are some common signs that you should get in touch with your local HVAC professional.