Is Air Conditioned Air Escaping Through Your Fireplace?

There’s more to air conditioning efficiency than just SEER ratings. (SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating). After all, what good is a high efficiency AC unit if air is escaping through deficiencies in your home! Many air leaks aren’t obvious, and some are overlooked even though they’re hidden in plain sight – like your fireplace. […]

Why Your Air Conditioning System Is Leaking Water

If you’re reading this post, the reason is probably that you’ve notice water drips or a pool of water around the indoor unit of your air conditioning system. You’re certain that it doesn’t look right, but you aren’t sure exactly why this is happening or if there is anything that you can do about it.

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Making Grinding and Clicking Noises When It Starts?

Odd noises coming from an air conditioner are a way that the system warns us that they have repair needs. There are many different sounds that can indicate you should call for professional air conditioning repairs: hissing (possibly escaping refrigerant), clanging (a bent fan blade), and screeching (worn down bearings in the motors).