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Air Duct Repair

The ductwork inside your home is supposed to be sturdy and handle most of the day-to-day stresses that it encounters as it distributes conditioned air throughout your home. However, ducts can still suffer from damage due to moisture, corrosion, dust development, and issues stemming from poor initial installation. Ductwork problems can lead to many different troubles in your home, particularly loss of heating and air conditioning efficiency.

You cannot make repairs to your ductwork on your own: this job requires specialists with the right tools and knowledge. To avoid making issues with your ducts worse, call on expert duct repair technicians right away at Magic Touch Mechanical. We provide many services for ductwork in Phoenix, AZ, including duct repairs. Call us today to schedule the services you need for an airtight and efficient ventilation system.

Signs You May Need Air Duct Repair Services

Because the ducts in your home are mostly hidden behind walls, how will you be able to tell that they have breaks, leaks, gaps, and other damage? There are a few warning signs to look out for. If you notice any of these below, contact our team right away and let us investigate to see if you need duct repairs:

  • Low airflow from the vents: Ducts are supposed to remain airtight along their length so there is no loss of air pressure between the air conditioner/heater and the vent openings. Even a small hole along the ducts can cause a significant drop in air pressure, resulting in a weak airflow coming from the vents. Check room vents when you notice issues with comfort in your home to see if the airflow has dropped.
  • Strange smells from the vents: Because the ducts run through closed–off sections of your home that can contain large amounts of dust and debris, such as the spaces between walls, when the ducts suffer damage they can draw in this contamination. Along with lowering your air quality, it will create musty and moldy odors that will warn you what is happening.
  • Soaring energy bills: Even a minor air leak in ductwork can result in a 30% drop in energy efficiency from your HVAC system, since the loss of air pressure will force both the heater and the air conditioner to work harder than they should. When your energy bills start to rise for no observable reason, call for technicians to look into the integrity of your ducts.

Contact Us for Professional Air Duct Repair in Phoenix, AZ

No, you can’t reach for a roll of duct tape and attempt to fix gaps in your ducts. Not only will you have a difficult time accessing the gaps, or even finding the damage in the first place, but duct tape is not effective on ductwork. (The name “duct tape” is based on an old confusion. It’s a long story.) However, you can reach for the phone and contact Magic Touch Mechanical for duct repair services—and that’s the best move you can make. You can depend on us for all the work you may need to keep your ventilation system working its best in Phoenix, AZ.

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