Air Duct Replacement

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Air Duct Replacement

Running through the walls and ceilings of your home is a network of metal and/or flexible plastic insulated ducts. This ductwork is important for your household’s comfort and health, since it carries the conditioned air from the cooling system (and the heating system if you use a forced-air heater) and then circulates it through the rooms. Although a few homes lack ductwork, the great majority contain it—and it must be kept in excellent repair or it will have serious negative effects on energy efficiency, comfort, and even the health conditions in a home.

Ductwork occasionally requires repairs and sealing of gaps. Aging and worn ducts may reach the stage where the best option is to have them replaced entirely. When you start to notice issues in your home that may be due to poor quality ductwork, you should call for air duct replacement professionals to take care of whatever work is necessary to restore your ventilation system’s integrity.

In Phoenix, AZ, the people to call for duct replacement are at Magic Touch Mechanical. We handle many kinds of services to keep ductwork in the best shape possible, including replacing old ducts with new, efficient ones. Contact our team today to learn more.

How to Tell You May Need Air Duct Replacement

If you live in an older home, take special care to watch for indications that the ductwork is starting to deteriorate. You can’t see most of the ductwork from inside your house because it is hidden in walls and ceilings, but leaking and broken ducts will create a number of tell–tale signs, such as strange rattling noises whenever the AC or heater comes on, which warns of loose sections. Also pay attention to odd smells from the vents—musty and moldy odors, indicating it comes from between walls and other closed off areas—as well as low airflow and high energy bills.

Problems Air Duct Replacement Can Fix

Old, leaking ducts will create many troubles in your home. Here are ones that ductwork replacement from professionals will fix:

  • Heating and cooling bills that are too high: An ineffective set of ducts that needs replacement will lose energy along its length, and this will force the heater and/or air conditioner to work harder. You will significantly reduce your energy bills if you have the bad ducts replaced.
  • Poor indoor air quality: You don’t want dust, construction debris, and other pollutants from around your home dragged into your ventilation system and then sent out into the air you breathe. Replacement ducts will secure the system and keep out low quality air.
  • Inferior comfort: As air escapes from worn out ductwork, the air pressure inside the ventilation system will drop and you will experience a reduction in comfort. Conditioned air will not spread evenly throughout the home, resulting in numerous warm and cold spots. Only a properly repaired ductwork system can guarantee that your home will receive the comfort it should.

We Handle Air Duct Replacement in Phoenix, AZ

To solve your home’s ductwork integrity troubles, you only have to call on the team at Magic Touch Mechanical. We will find out if you will benefit from ductwork replacement, and then provide the best job possible. We are here for all your air duct replacement needs in Phoenix, AZ.

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