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Home Improvements - Lower Bills. Improved Comfort. Cleaner Air

Magic Touch Mechanical was founded in 1997. Twenty-years ago we referred to ourselves as an Air Conditioning & Heating Company with a home performance department. Today we refer to ourselves as a Home Performance Company with an AC & Heating Department.

Home Performance aka Building Science is the practice of considering the whole-home’s efficiency, comfort, and air quality. Magic Touch was one of the first company’s in Arizona to offer home energy audits and the home energy improvements needed to improve the home’s “performance”.

While there are more companies now offering what we do, few have the experience, training, certifications, and know-how we do. There are many HVAC contractors in the greater Phoenix area. There is also a couple dozen energy audit companies in the area. None however have dedicated in-house energy auditors, HVAC experts, and experienced home-improvement installers we do.

It Typically Starts with a Home Energy Audit

First, we complete a comprehensive whole home energy audit. After the results are entered into a home modeling software (approved by the US Department of Energy, APS, and SRP) we prepare a detailed report of deficiencies and solutions.

Then we sit down with you, and provide an included consultation showing you any deficiencies discovered, how they are impacting you, and exactly how much it will cost to solve the problems. We’ll even show you what kind of ROI (Return on Investment) you can expect.

See step-by-step What’s Included in a Home Energy Audit


Magic Touch Mechanical Employees Do the Work

Unlike our competitors who subcontract your needed home improvements, when you hire Magic Touch Mechanical, our employees complete the work. Our installers are trained not only to complete your improvements, but in-home performance and building science as well.

For you that means guaranteed great results. Don’t take our word for it, read the hundreds of online reviews from clients whose homes we’ve already improved over the years. Some have written they have seen as high as a 50% reduction in their energy bills…and are more comfortable than they’ve ever been in their home!

For a complete list of all of our home improvement products visit our product pages.

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Home Testing & Improvements

Heat naturally moves from warmer environments to cooler ones. That is why sufficient insulation is such an important goal for any home. If the insulation in your home is not adequate, you are going to wind up wasting energy as you heat and cool it. The good news is that our insulation professionals are never more than a phone call away.

Radiant Barrier
Minimizing the amount of heat that your home takes on can be tough, especially in the Phoenix area. A radiant barrier is one of the most effective ways in which to do so. Call a member of our team today and schedule your home performance services near Phoenix, AZ with a member of our team.

Window Shade Screens
You don’t necessarily have to replace your windows in order to boost efficiency in your home. You can add a solar shade screen to your windows for a fraction of the cost – and often better results. This will help to prevent much of the sun’s radiant heat from making its way into your home.

Air Sealing
Most people believe their home leaks mostly around windows and doors. While weather-stripping is important, it’s rarely the larger issue in Phoenix area homes. Most air leakage is caused by poor air sealing between the conditioned area of the home and attic / wall chases. (Don’t worry – we’ll explain and show you in your energy audit report if your home suffers from this type of air leakage).

Duct Sealing
Are your air ducts leaking? If so, you risk wasting substantial amounts of energy in your home. Professional duct sealing services can help you to heat and cool your home in a more efficient and effective manner.

Duct Design, Install, Repair
Unfortunately, the majority of homes we inspect have duct design and/or installation flaws that are the major cause of home discomfort and inefficiency. Even HVAC companies are guilty of not understanding proper duct sizing, design, and installation. We are experts in air distribution systems and guarantee proper airflow and results.

Fresh Air Ventilation
You don’t have to sacrifice air quality in order to make sure your home is tight and efficient. Our energy auditors, estimators, and installers are experts in fresh air ventilators including HRV’s (Heat Recovery Ventilators), ERV’s (Energy Recovery Ventilators) and ILV’s (Inline Ventilators).

Air Filtration & Purification Systems
A comprehensive whole-home approach also must consider the air your family breathes. Homes that require frequent dusting typically have high contaminant particulate counts. If your home doesn’t have an effective filtration and purification system, your lungs act as the filter!

Duct Testing
There are a lot of different reasons as to why your HVAC system may struggle. If you use a forced air distribution system to circulate heated and cooled air throughout your home, then the problem may stem from these air ducts. With professional duct testing near Phoenix, AZ, you can ensure that your air ducts are in good working condition. If not, the results will help us to determine how best to remedy the problem.

Energy Audits
A comprehensive energy audit is the starting place in which we determine how, why, and where your home or building is wasting energy or has “hot spots” and other uncomfortable rooms or areas. With our advanced testing tools and experience helping literally thousands of Arizona homeowners pinpoint and eliminate the deficiencies, our team is guaranteed to add you to a long list of satisfied clients.

HVAC Load Calculations
When it comes to an HVAC system, bigger is not necessarily better. That is why it is necessary that you have an HVAC load calculation completed. A meticulous load calculation will allow us to determine just what size of HVAC system you may need.

Too Many to List
If it effects your homes comfort, efficiency, air quality, or conveniences (home automation for example) we can help! Be sure to spend some time reviewing all of our products and services on this site. Or, call us to schedule a home energy audit, ductwork estimate, or new equipment consultation.